Best CYA protocol for truck/trailer issues?

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by TheIncredibleBulk, Nov 23, 2023.

  1. TheIncredibleBulk

    TheIncredibleBulk Light Load Member

    Nov 6, 2020
    Getting close to being released from training on this new job and I’ve still got some concerns about the truck and trailer I’ll be assigned to regarding some issues that aren’t major, but yet could be enough to bring me in for a level three and, depending on the officer, could get me a ticket.
    I really can’t complain about much else on the job and it has turned out to be a decent salary home daily position but at the same time I’m still only 3 years in on trucking and I just don’t want any points on my license whatsoever.
    so do I need to just communicate everything with pictures via text and detail as much as I can to where if I end up getting pulled over I can at least show someone that I have addressed the issues with my manager or owner and possibly get out of a write up, or at the worst, have to go into court with it to try and talk myself out of a fine/points?
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  3. wore out

    wore out Numbered Classic

    Jun 5, 2013
    I don’t think that is gonna get a DOT man to look the other way on a violation. It may persuade your company to fix said issues or even get the company off your rear for getting dinged. In short any issues are to be fixed before going on duty or when discovered. That said that’s a completely unreasonable expectation out of any carrier and still be reasonably productive depending on severity of course. It’s true your captain of the ship but you got to find a middle ground know when it will ride and when to say no go. It can be a slippery slope
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  4. Cat sdp

    Cat sdp . .

    Apr 8, 2012
    Orion's Belt
    With dot tickets/warnings there’s no court……
  5. tscottme

    tscottme Road Train Member

    Showing an officer a pic or text about some item WILL NOT usually get you out of a "warning ticket" or regular ticket. The only way to keep your PSP clean is NEVER GO PAST A WEIGH STATION WITH ANY DEFECT. This may mean going out of route to get a repair, which you get no pay for doing, or it may mean getting put on the company fecal list, or it may work out as you hope. My record was spotless for 27 years of 28. One air leak and 2 ABS lights later it was almost spotless.
  6. North Pole Nightmare

    North Pole Nightmare Medium Load Member

    Dec 15, 2021
    DVIR,get a mechanic to sign off if they say it's good to go.
  7. snowwy

    snowwy Road Train Member

    Jul 6, 2009
    Did you know you can get dirty with NOOOO weigh stations involved.

    Even locals get inspected. And most of them don't even know what a weigh station looks like.
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  8. Allow Me.

    Allow Me. Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    May 28, 2009
    Rancho Mirage, Ca.
    There is a fine line between noticed safety issues prior to getting behind the wheel, and an issue that pops up unknown to the driver while running down the highway. As an example, a somewhat worn tire but is still legal, but 600 mi later the tread has worn to an unsafe/not legal wear pattern. Just about the time you're heading in to a weigh station. And now you're busted ! Air leaks are another. None at pre trip, but developed while driving. You, the driver, can put yourself out of service. Write up your pretrip, with item/items that are unsafe, mail in to your co a copy or scan it if possible, then the truck cannot roll until a mechanic repairs and signs off. However, this will irritate mgmt and you will be on their crap list. FYI, since they want to be the one's in charge.

    You as a truck driver need to know all the rules about trucking. Because you will encounter people outside the business such as the local deputy in Possum Breath, Ar. who pulls you over and proclaims to be a world of knowledge. I once worked for a co called Sam tanksley trucking out of Cape Girardeau, Mo. They had mgmt issues and fired them and hired a mgmt team WITH NO TRUCKING EXPERIENCE ! ! Just like the current bossman at the USPS, no prior experience at the post office.
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  9. buzzarddriver

    buzzarddriver Road Train Member

    Feb 1, 2011
    Dallas, TX
    Just remember, if you start nit-pickin non-safety related defects on the truck or trailer, you may be let go due to a shortage of freight.
    If it is a safety related item, sure, report it and get it fixed.
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  10. Ex-Trucker Alex

    Ex-Trucker Alex Medium Load Member

    Jan 7, 2023
    Admitting to prior knowledge of a defect is probably MORE likely to get you a citation, since you chose to drive the vehicle. Ignorance is always your best defense. You're being rather vague about just WHAT your equipment issues are, so it's hard to give any useful advice. I found that taking care of small issues myself was quicker than waiting for the company to deal with it. I always carried a collection of bulbs, duct-tape and hose clamps, as well as screwdrivers and wrenches. At least 10 gladhand rubbers, as well.
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  11. bryan21384

    bryan21384 Road Train Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    Memphis, TN
    Cover your ### protocol for truck/trailer issues?

    It's simple. Get it fixed.
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