Best navigation app for in-town oversized load/lowboy hauling?

Discussion in 'Flatbed Trucking Forum' started by Eklectik, Mar 16, 2023.

  1. Eklectik

    Eklectik Bobtail Member

    Jul 2, 2022
    Arvada, CO
    I recently jumped on the opportunity to switch from a side dump to a lowboy equipment hauling position at my job. Mostly hauling excavation equipment; loaders, track hoes, scrapers, etc. I’ve played around with a couple different apps but from what I’ve seen they’re mostly geared towards OTR drivers and focus on truck stops, fuel stations, rest areas and the like whereas I’m more concerned with avoiding catching a low bridge with the top of a scraper. Any suggestions?
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  3. Razororange

    Razororange Road Train Member

    Dec 20, 2011
    Milwaukee, WI
    There is no 1 stop app or device for OS/OW. Google maps combined with the state bridge information is probably your best bet.

    Your profile shows you from Colorado so I'm assuming that's primarily where you will be working.

    The website below has multiple interactive maps that should have all the info you need to avoid damaging a bridge for the entire state.

    Talk to other drivers at your company as well. They probably know where all the local problems will be.

    DO NOT trust any GPS when running OS/OW.
  4. CAXPT

    CAXPT Road Train Member

    Feb 10, 2008
    Add to that, you can't always trust the information in a Motor Carrier's Road Atlas either, because that information can take up to a year to be modified, so the links Razororange provided are your best bets, but still be cautious if there are signs that change that knowledge or you see recent road reconstruction in the area, as a road that was regraded may not be accurately reflected. If in doubt, check. It's not a job to assume anything, but for the most part all those links and if unchanged even the Road Atlas are usually pretty accurate. Just don't ignore your own senses and suspicions. Better safe, than sorry. :)
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  5. North Pole Nightmare

    North Pole Nightmare Medium Load Member

    Dec 15, 2021
    You can try Hammer app,put your truck dimensions in custom when you are getting the route.Double check with another rand atlas or something to be sure.I use it for hazmat routing in Dallas and Houston.
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  6. Banker

    Banker Road Train Member

    Aug 19, 2012
    I use the Garmin Dezl for the height setting. It has only let me down one time in 11 years of using a GPS instead of only using an Atlas. If you update it routinely it works better as it will route you on newly opened roads only if it opened before your last update.
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  7. welldigger00

    welldigger00 Light Load Member

    Jan 18, 2022
    If you’re running OS/OW, you’ll typically be running with a permit. For example, I’ve got an annual permit in California, and they give you a packet with all the routes on them that you’re authorized to run. They also give me a weekly notice on new closures, or exceptions as well, in an email. Now, when I run over height, or out of state, I’ll have my permit company provide my permits for my local routing and, each state. Once I get my permits for my run, I check the route planning that they’ve authorized. I then use an app called IN ROUTE that I plug all the coordinates into, freeways, overpass on and off, etc, and build my route plan with that. I’ve got that keyed up, and trucker path at the same time. Trucker path will show my Truckstop’s, scales, etc. It’s never a good idea to deviate from the authorized route that they give you. You can however request a route that you’d prefer, and if it’s authorized, they’ll allow your preferred route. In addition to that, you can alter your route on the fly, by calling the number for each state, on the top of your permit, and requesting a change in route, and if it works, they’ll re route you. I’ve done this a few times, when there’s been a wreck in the freeway, and the road was closed. You’ve got to pull off, and park to do so, and wait for the re route though. As said above, never trust your GPS, or a app. Best play is get authorization from the state, and not worry about it. Hope that helps…
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  8. 50WT

    50WT Medium Load Member

    Dec 26, 2015
    I'll do what everyone else has mentioned, also look the route over on Google maps . If I see a bridge that looks suspicious go to street view and look for height signage.
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  9. CAXPT

    CAXPT Road Train Member

    Feb 10, 2008
    Before I came off the road, that's exactly why I got a "smart phone". So I wouldn't have to open the laptop to check the area to load/unload and check the street views if needed. However, one caveat, is check the date of the street view as well, as there are some that are years old, so things change for that as well. As mentioned though, that thing on your shoulders is your best tool.....hopefully. :)
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