Best/Safest way to Strap down Pipe ?

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    I actually had a couple guys from the shop helping me and guiding me on this one.

    I'll pass along the suggestions.

    On you #2, do you mean like a wedge under the belly straps ??

    On #3, do you mean double wrap the belly straps ??

    Thank you very much for your input. Much appreciated.
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    2- No just put your dunnage( 4X4 blocking) close to where your strap will be.
    3- yes it will look like a double over the top but is still only one, and only needs a bit more strap length while giving you more downforce.
    Pulling 2 ways (#1) pulls more to the middle of the trailer. There is friction across the top of the load and each strap has about 70% of your downforce on the winch side.
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