Better than Average

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by TripleSix, May 20, 2021.

  1. Lennythedriver

    Lennythedriver Heavy Load Member

    Feb 14, 2020
    Been on the CB in those conditions or super heavy rainstorms? That’s all you need to know. Drivers who adjust their speed for the condition, maybe use their flashers etc. are called P******, by the mad drivers out there wanting to 70 plus. See it all the time. They are not Superman, they can’t see ahead any better than you or I can. Difference is they just don’t give an F. Those are the drivers in this video. They all shouldn’t been 30-35 mph tops in those conditions. No wrecks
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  3. Old_n_gray

    Old_n_gray Medium Load Member

    Apr 9, 2016
    western pa
    Took my dad with me in my truck in 1998 and he said after a couple days...things haven't changed drivers are still ***holes.
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  4. TripleSix

    TripleSix God of Roads

    Apr 10, 2009
    Copied in Hell
    Went through a segment of interstate that has been changed. There were signs for miles before the interchange and signs warning traffic not to follow their GPS. Big electronic signs. Huge backup at the interchange because an estimated 90% of the motoring public were in the wrong lane. Drivers included.

    The automated trucks will more than likely remove almost all of the Braindead from commercial vehicles. And the rest will be supply and demand. Since they won’t be a demand for meat in the seat, the only demand that there will be a need for are for drivers who can do the job without cattle prods.

    In the RANT section, you always hear complaints about disgusting drivers trashing places out and throwing refuse everywhere but the garbage can. I used Wore Out and Kylefitzy as examples to show that these things are not industry wide. I don’t know LTL like you do, but from what I’ve seen from companies like UPS, R&L, Southeastern, AAACooper, USFHolland, those guys run a tight ship. I have never seen a sloppy R&L driver. And they all wear uniforms.

    Had to wear uniform in a beer truck. Had to wear uniform in food service. If I am correct, and they replace the bottom 3rd with automated trucks, and raise the bar to where once again trucking is skilled labor, most companies will require uniforms. My guess is that they will model after the LTL companies.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the PNW, but where the bottom feeders will park and wait out the chain laws, the LTL companies keep on trucking. They don’t even think about parking.
  5. TheLoadOut

    TheLoadOut Road Train Member

    Nov 6, 2019
    What I always see are trucks gaining up on me with an empty passing lane right beside them. They wait til their right on my ### and jerk their truck into the passing lane. How do you not notice you are gaining up on someone and move over safely ahead of time? Distracted perhaps but it happens way too often.

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  6. jamespmack

    jamespmack Road Train Member

    Mar 25, 2014

    I have dealt with all of those companies, while your mostly right. There has been some slobs.

    It does go both ways. I recall as a kid some guys that were around with dad. Thought of themselves as some heavy hitters out of Pittsburge, Cleveland. Wing tip shoes, dress shirts. Matching diamond rings. Lincoln or a mustang parked at terminals to go party. Big hp shinny Petes. As a kid in amazement. Pops pulled me aside and said "remember kid no matter how fancy they are, it ain't paid for, and they don't run hard by my standard".

    I try to keep my equipment clean, Jeans, t-shirt, or button ups. I start everyday clean. Some might think I'm homeless by the end of the day and my truck gets worked and dirty. But my securment and service are second to none.
  7. MACK E-6

    MACK E-6 Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    Baltimore, MD
    I don’t think we needed that mental image. :biggrin_25523:
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  8. Midwest Trucker

    Midwest Trucker Road Train Member

    Aug 31, 2018
    I asked my wife how was it. She said “better then average”. I’ll take that as a win.;)
  9. BeHereNow97

    BeHereNow97 Medium Load Member

    Sep 15, 2020
    It is hitting too close to home :(

    I'm average, fat, smelly, braindead, a steering wheel holder, meat in the seat, a person who hates themselves, I am only able to drive because the DOT dumbed down regulations for dummies like me so that I could be a meat in the seat steering wheel holder and I am 100-150 pounds overweight.

    I think that covered just about all of TripleSix's insults in this thread, yeah?

    You want my contribution to this thread? Fine, here it is.

    How about treat others how you would want to be treated and stop judging people so much? Do you know everyone's life story or what they have been through? I'll do you one better, do you know what drivers have been through THAT EXACT SAME DAY before you started judging them?

    The problem I have with these macho internet tough guy threads is that not a single one of us are 100% self sufficient. And the most self sufficient people in modern society are probably 60% self sufficient and those are at the extreme ends of society like farmers, who make up a negligible proportion of our population.

    My point being, the man who is wearing sweatpants might be delivering food that you buy at the grocery store. Who are you to judge them, without him you wouldn't be eating?

    Maybe the person who is overweight delivered medical supplies that your wife needed for surgery. So who are you to not only judge but to talk bad about them when they may have helped save your wife's life by delivering said medical supplies for your wife's surgery?

    How do you know the truck driver who smells didn't get screwed by his dispatcher, screwed at the warehouse loading/unloading and then couldn't get to a place legally in time to take a proper shower?

    Some of you honest to God need to stop being so #### hateful to other human beings. If you're not 100% self sufficient then you should probably keep your thoughts to yourselves and quit judging random strangers who allow you to live in modern society (we all contribute in different ways).
  10. rbrtwbstr

    rbrtwbstr Road Train Member

    Jul 11, 2012
    in the bush somewhere

    C'mon man!
    Look, if a fellow is dirty after a delivery, that's one thing. Can't get a shower that night, ok. They do make baby wipes and water and paper towels... And yes, I have been there. I once went a week without a good hot shower. Literally spent a week in the mountains of northern PA on dirt roads. No showers up there. My hair might've been a bit disheveled, but...

    Being overweight? Hey I carry a few extra pounds myself. Does that mean I don't at least make the effort to lose it? No. But I keep it in check. You don't see me buying a big gulp and half a pizza at the truck stop.

    I think a reasonably intelligent person can make a pretty good determination of the difference between a professional, and a slob who gave up on life. We've all seen the guy pulling into the truck stop, with the crusty truck, filthy windows, trash on the dash and all around. Might even have a Peterbilt with the paint peeling off. Or a Volvo with the side fairings held on by zippy ties. Those are the ones that are gonna eventually be purged. Not the fellow that has a bit of dignity, and acts the part of a professional. Yeah, bad days and bad things happen to everyone. It's called life. How you respond is what makes the difference.

    I work with a fellow that has a train wreck for a home life. He's in bankruptcy, has a teenage son that wants nothing to do with him, a 15 year old stepdaughter that has quite a reputation with the wrestling squad at her school, and a wife that spends money like a politician. He comes to work and usually can't afford a cup of coffee. But, you won't find a nicer person if you try. He can wheel a truck with the best of them. None of our customers would ever know the disaster that is his home life, because he leaves that at home when he's at work. His wife basically stole three weeks worth of pay from the company, she was mobile depositing his pay checks, then running to a different bank and physically cashing the checks as well. Went on for a while until she got caught. He had no idea. But, he's still employed, because he's professional in what he does. (And the boss is very forgiving)
    This has zero to do with what segment of any industry you work in.
    At the end of the day, how one responds to life's curve balls is what makes a professional. And those that use a bad situation to better themselves are the winners.
  11. Rubber duck kw

    Rubber duck kw Road Train Member

    Dec 9, 2017
    So your problem isn't that he's wrong but that he's describing you and it hurts your feeling? You're right, we don't know the life story of the brain dead people who can't manage to drive a simple van trailer without hitting people. I don't care what the hell their life story and issues are either, not my problem don't try to make it my problem because you won't like my solutions for it.
    As an official former smelly guy, there is never a reason not to take a shower whenever you #### well please, dispatch can go jump off a cliff, I want to see them fire somebody because they missed their dock time stopping to take a shower every other day, sounds like the golden ticket to never having to work another day in your life with the right lawyer.
    As an official 80 pounds overweight guy, that's nothing but your own fault resulting from your own bad decisions, too bad those bad decisions taste so #### good huh?
    Are you going to tell us you don't see the stupid #### done by those people Six is describing and have anything but utter disgust for them? The idiots pushing a Walmart cart full of #### to the truckstop and leaving the cart there. The idiots throwing trash all over the place and ####ting in the parking lots. Stop being so hateful to other humans? Maybe they should give me a good reason to not dislike them on sight, or even before I see them.
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