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    Dec 19, 2017
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    I totally agree. I try to work with my dbl and circumvent some of the piddly stuff
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    Dec 30, 2017
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    I'll tell you a little experience my son had with Schneider National. He drove OTR with them for a few years and was quite happy with them. Drove good miles. Made decent pay. Home time was so-so but being recently separated, he really couldn't have cared less. Paychecks were more important.

    But the experience that makes me give them a thumbs up is my family was all going to return to my home town (St. Albans, VT - Population 7800.) He mentioned to his DM that he would like to attend if at all possible. They routed him as close as possible (somewhere in Connecticut) and then let him deadhead nearly 200 miles to attend the gathering. Of course they didn't pay him mileage for the deadhead, but they didn't charge him for the fuel or truck expenses, either. He parked at the local truck stop and stayed for 3 days. He then called his DM and let him know he was ready to go again and his DM had him a load picking up in St. Albans!!! How he pulled a loud out of his butt from that little one-stoplight town is beyond me but he did and my son was a happy camper. My son is now a terminal manager for a local company but has nothing but good things to say about Schneider. You don't find many companies that care for their drivers like that.
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    You're right, the last two weeks I've only made $350 and $450.

    But I worked 2 days the first week and 2.5 the second.

    Most guys with a year experience make at LEAST $55,000, median is just north of $60,000.

    Got a new to me truck last week - got the seat cushion and mattress changed out, the most difficult part of the process is the guy grabbed the wrong seat intially and had to walk back into the parts closet.
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    That's a good story jim and I'm sure there are other good stories like this to tell about Schneider
    Unfortunately Schneider is what Schneider does and no amount of white washing will change that .
    This forum is for the purpose of driver insight on trucking companies before the driver decides to "roll the dice"
    Thanks for sticking up for Schneider tho , they need drivers if they want to stay in this game that's for sure
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