Black Ga. Lawmakers Urge Slavery Apology

Discussion in 'Other News' started by Cybergal, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. earthbrown

    earthbrown Medium Load Member

    May 27, 2006
    You guys are missing the point of the apology.... The lawmakers are apologizing to the rest of the country for bringing the slaves here, and causing all the crime....

    :) :) :)

    ITS A JOKE!!
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  3. Keith48

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    Jan 18, 2007
    I love my state, but there are some real idiots around here, too. Or maybe I should just say idiots from the Left.
  4. If you want stupied let us go back to the start of time. Need all the women to appologize for that apple thing. That should cover everything. :profileright:
  5. TurboTrucker

    TurboTrucker Road Train Member

    Feb 23, 2005
    Rossville, Georgia
    As a fellow Georgian, barely that is...because I can make a run for the Tennessee border and be there in less than a minute...if it will shut up the whining, then let the Governor apologize on the courthouse steps for the state having once been involved in slavery.

    But...that wouldn't be the end of it.

    The next move will be...." that you've all apologized, what about some money to ease our pain?" The reparations debate will probably crank up.

    Look...I think most people would agree that slavery as it once was, was something that probably has some people belching some fire and brimstone at the moment. It was inexcuseable. I don't happen to believe that every slave owner was one to beat their slaves, nor were they all cruel to their slaves. The housed them, they fed them, and they quite often paid them. There were extreme cases of cruelty. Discrimination resulted from the bringing in of black people, but then no one on this side of the planet had ever seen a black person. We're beyond that now.

    No one alive today was ever a slave, and no one alive today has owned and submitted someone into slavery as it is being referred to. Today in America, it is legal to hire slaves, but you gotta pay 'em somethin' for their work. And you're not allowed to have titles or deeds on a human being any longer. Birth certificates are a-okay.

    As to whether or not people are or were better off because of slavery, it brings up a debate that could last for the next century.

    I can't imagine that Africans had any better prospects had they been left in Africa. The nation as it is today, still offers meager living conditions. At least those who find themselves on this soil today, have all the chances under the sun to live a decent life and one far better than had their ancestry remained on African soil. In that respect, slavery has been a boom for them, and those alive today are most certainly better off.

    People that are constantly looking backwards, will eventually slam into something in front of them that they don't see. I wish that some people would slam into a little reality.

    As a transplanted southerner, born in the northern most part of this nation, Waaay up yonder next to Mars Hill, Maine, but with a family tree that has it's roots FIRMLY planted in Georgia....I officially apologize on behalf of the state of Georgia for idiots that were looking for a cheap way to pick cotton. Tractors, gasoline, and vacuum cleaners were a little too late on the invention timeline to have presented a more humane alternative to slavery. I didn't have a thing to do with it, nor have I ever found any evidence that my family was involved in cotton farming during the 1800's, but if that's what it takes to make you feel better and will allow you to smile for even a minute...then knock yourself out!!!:biggrin_1square1: :violent1: :banghead:
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