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    I did some searching and came up with several different answers. I have a truck that I plan to pick up next week and needed to know how to transport back home legally. I live in oklahoma and looking to pick up a truck in kansas. I have heard both yay and nay on needing dot, and ifta permits for the transport.

    I do not have my own DOT or MC number. I will be leasing onto a company and will need to have my truck inspected before signing on and getting their signs and dot numbers. So if I buy a truck, what do I need to have to drive in 250 miles across the state line? I do plan to have an insurance plan started before leaving the dealership.
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    Proof of insurance, copy of bill of sale and an in transit permit from the state where you purchase the truck will typically suffice.

    Best plan of action is speaking directly to Kansas and Oklahoma department of motor vehicles, as there are different rules in each state.

    I had no problem purchasing in NY and getting a permit to drive home to PA.

    On the other hand, I purchased a truck in MD and was told I would need to register the truck in MD to drive home then register again when I got to PA.

    Waiting until the sun went down was my solution in that case.
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    I drove to ft. Scott ks to pick up my truck. Called cover me ins. 800-726-8376 got ,48 hour coverage for $140.00 I told them at a specific time when I want the coverage start. When I got to ks. I went to the local courthouse and got a temp tag 60 days for about 20 bucks. Jon from the ins co based in n.j. treated me well. I had the bill of sale from seller, tag on truck and ins. I never got stopped on the 700 mile trip, but I had all I needed if I did.
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    I had insurance lined up already, never even sorried about reg. the dealer gave me temp tag just like the local car dealer would. I stuck it in the windshield and down the road i went. The next day i went and got the truck titled and opened my irp so i could get real tags.

    Lol. That was the quickest i’ve ever had tags on something i bought from a dealership
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