c10 cat overhaul by a newbie?

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    It has an issue with the clutch slipping once in awhile under load, you will be hard on the throttle loaded and the engine under a big load when suddenly the truck will shake and the rpms will go up fast, so I'm sure there is a clutch issue. Just have to let off and get back in the throttle. Doesn't do it all the time just once in a great while.

    Other than that to my knowledge no, we haven't had it on a dyno to do a blowby test or done an oil sample. We still use it to haul grain pulling a 40ft hopper trailer. 80,000lbs

    We were thinking of just doing the overhaul on it because its still a nice truck especially the interior. It's a 97 with full guages and the cat computer in it. Also has full lockers, 3 stage jake, air slide fifth, and susp dump. So it is pretty well equipped. Only downside is the little C-10 in it at 370, should have like a C-15 in it instead with about a 13spd instead of the 10spd. 2.63 ratio if I remember correctly.
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    meh, just throw in a 3406 cat in her and call it good
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    I would see if a couple of your buddies would let you hang out when they are doing a rebuild. Maybe you could provide them free labor by helping out at the same time learning. Sometimes they may know little tricks (not shortcuts) that isn't written in the manuel. you have to remember that most of the manuels a written for people with training and they may assume that you have a certain level of training. This is juse my 02.....It's your dime, spend it how you want. And good luck, whichever route you take.

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    Just a tip, once u got the head off, to check for cracks in head - use a camera (at least 6mg pixal) take several pics of face and zoom in on your computer. this is more than sufficent to do a proper crack test. also to test the valves /seats you can pour deisel into the runners and if no deisel leaks out in the 1st 30 seconds then they are ok. Like someone else said check the head for warp, do this according to workshop manual, as it will give you tolerances.

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    Also when you change crankshaft bearings start with the centre ones and progressively work out towards to ends of the crankshaft, do thrust bearings last. use a good assembly lube on all bearings, use mineral 2 stroke oil on rings, pistons and cylinder walls give then all a really good coating. On the cylinder "O" ring seals use sunlight dishwashing liquid mixed with a little water, put seal onto cylinders then once you r ready to install each cylinder put the sunlight/water mix on the seal and the area inside the engine where you see it has been machined for the cylinder, this will help prevent damage to the seal during install.

    p.s edit, meant to say , when you do crankshaft bearings only remove one bearing at a time, and put new bearing in, then do the next bearing and so on until u replace all of them.
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