C15 Acert code after service

Discussion in 'Commercial Truck Forums' started by Vipercat, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Vipercat

    Vipercat Bobtail Member

    Jul 22, 2019
    hey there I have an 05 MXS Acert C15. Not sure if it’s related but I just did a service on it. Replaced the old fleet guard oil filter and both fuel filters with Donaldson equivalent and used 15w-40 rotella oil. The next day I ran it for 3-4 hours and all was fine. Got a load and 15 minutes later a check engine light came on. Checked the flash code and it was 94 so replaced both 5 and 6 IVA solenoids and pigtails. Code came back on. Is this simply an IVA issue or could it somehow be related to the service I just did. I’ve heard Donaldson fuel filters and fuel separators are slightly more restrictive (20 microns vs 10) but not sure how this could be related. Any ideas? Clearly the solenoids didn’t fix it and they weren’t cheap but better to start with the easier fixes.
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