California drivers paid by the hour

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    Sep 18, 2012
    Where I work the carrier doesn't make a peep.

    Waiting for dispatch; on duty.
    Pretrip; on duty
    Post trip; on duty
    Fuel; on duty
    Paperwork; on duty
    At the shipper; on duty.
    Tire shop; on duty.
    Don't need to file for detention. Don't need permission.
    All the time I'm obliged to be on their truck I'm getting on duty pay.
    Currently paid 20.75/hr drive and 10.50 on duty. Only way I nake money is to burn hours. Blow through the 70, take a reset and do it again.
    Same pay for interstate or crawling in Los Angeles, sitting on the freeway waiting for a wreck to be cleared or driving in snow. Any time behind the wheel, on the road and responsible for the vehicle is drive pay. Only non pay is 30 minute, 10 hour, reset and voluntary breaks for restroom, naps and grocery shopping.
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