Can deaf people become truckers?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by wolfchopper, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Jan 1, 2010
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    i would not feel safe having a deaf person drivng out there.:biggrin_25513:
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    Dec 31, 2008
    tulsa, ok
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    Jan 1, 2007
    No you want. Other companies thought of that a long time ago.....:biggrin_25523:
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    Mar 30, 2006
    i am taking Chrome dome's posting and going to post something along with it, but it IS from the state of Maryland, BUT may apply to all US States....i will BOLD AND UNDERLINE a key point or two.


    GLEN BURNIE, MD (October 27, 2008)-- The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), in partnership with the Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH), today announced the creation of a hearing waiver for individuals who currently hold a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The waiver, which will apply to intrastate driving only, is the product of a joint effort between the MVA and ODHH in order to increase the employability and employment of individuals with hearing loss.
    As part of the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) medical exam, all CDL holders must pass a hearing test upon renewal. States, however, have the ability to grant waivers for those who drive only within the state. “Constituents were contacting ODHH, concerned because they were losing their hearing and unsure whether they could pass the hearing test to keep their CDL,” Lisa Kornberg, Director of ODHH, said. “For these people, one who had driven a rig for 35 years, the loss of their CDL meant losing their livelihood. When we brought the issue to the attention of the MVA, their staff began working on a solution almost immediately,” Kornberg continued, “this is a victory for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.”
    “Promoting mobility and safety for all road users is a core mission of the MVA,” said John Kuo, MVA Administrator. “MVA recognizes the significance of mobility and transportation needs, and the impact of reduced mobility, so our effort with ODHH falls in line with our core mission,” he added.
    The waiver program will apply to experienced CDL holders who have lost their hearing and cannot pass the DOT hearing requirements. Those interested in applying for a waiver are required to complete the application, including information from their primary care physician or an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. The MVA began accepting waiver applications on October 20, 2008.

    About the Governor’s Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    The Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing was created in 2001 and exists to represent the Governor and his goal of promoting equal access for all Marylanders through providing expertise that enhances the general welfare of Maryland’s deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind residents.


    so maybe the trucker that the o/p has linked a video to, WAS ALREADY a CDL HOLDER OR CAN ONLY DRIVE INTRASTATE...???

    but as i "see it" for the o/p, he does not even have a CDL permit, let alone a license. i cannot see how he could even apply for a waiver as he cannot be "grandfathered" in from being already CDL licensed.....

    if the o/p can tell us his home state, i will do some digging for him, as a matter of "helpful information" for him....
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    Sep 29, 2010
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  6. Rollover the Original

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    Jul 1, 2009
    A deaf dispatcher would be great! No more calls to the cell phone in the middle of your sleep period asking the dumbest question of all: did you get my message?

    That waver for only intra state is actually pretty stupid! What? They and "hear" only in their state but cross a state line and they can't?? This is flying over my head!

    Hearing is as important to driving as seeing is! If you don't have hearing aids to hear whats going on around you in something that weighs 32,000 pounds empty running down the road then how can you drive it safely? You can't!
    A waiver for intrastate? What moron thought that up and where is that stupid broad from CRASH at on that? I'm sorry but IMHO this is really not a debatable question. Would you want a deaf person flying a plane you were on? Or a truck beside you with a deaf person that didn't see you beside you and start over on you and couldn't hear your horn? Or hear you as you screech as you slam on the brakes? Not me!

    Being able to hear audible warning alarms and sounds is just as important in trucking as seeing in a mirror is.
  7. whitefrosty06

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    May 13, 2011
    clinton tn
    Yep.. seen few deaf trucker out here in USA. Of course have to pass DOT test as long as they pass then they condiser as a safe trucker driver, no discussion is needed. I am deaf and i have motorcycle license and telling me that deaf people shouldnt get CDL MEANS shouldnt get M license too? since it still can be dangerous to other people by not hearing other horn or sirens or anything... You will UNDERSTAND much more if u were born deaf and grew up being deaf all of ur life knowing that ALOT deaf people uses their eyes as their ear as hearing thing by using eyes. Trust me this is true. I am GREAT driver and my father is a trucker and told me i can do it. i have drove his 18 wheeler and i loved it but havent went to school yet because i need to find out what my hearing db is with AND without hearing aid. I can hear phone ringing from my cell phone if I dial a number to call WITHOUT hearing aid also can hear voices on phone, just dont understand word or what is saying. I can hear loud stuff around me without hearing aid so with hearing aid I know I can hear way better. so having a CDL license is ok to have for deaf people as long as that deaf people know what they r doing on the road. should deaf people drive a big boat? I own big boat. I cant hear people honking me for any reason but I drive fine on water with no problem. plane... of course deaf shouldnt drive a plane due to traffic control.. need to have hearing for this situation. but for trucking, motorcycle, boating.. deaf CAN. dont need to hear what ur thoughts or feeling is because ur not in my shoe knowing I can do it. I know where the limit is and not go this far. I wouldnt get cdl license if I know I cant do this to put people lives in danger, but I know I can do this because I know I am VERY good driver as motorcycle, boat, a car.. even own a boxvan which is big as 26 ft. HIGH experince with towing. I know its not the same as 18 wheeler but am saying that I know I can do this just fine as long as i have hearing aid. I do understand this kind of situation having a deaf behing 18 wheeler steering wheel is SCARY but as long as they pass the important test then give them a chance. I've met 3 deaf trucker and all 3 wear hearing aid and able to hear and speak some. so pls dont say dumb or rudeful thing against deaf people because we cant help that we cant hear because we r born that way, not our fault so pls mind ur own word and have a manner discussion about deaf behind a 18 wheeler steering wheel. I totally understand how u guys feel but trust me dudes, there is some GREAT driver like me. I am not being a eggo but its the fact. :biggrin_25517:

    Pls dont start debating in a agurment discussion like few pages above. No respect discussion.

    Eye is my ear. truth is, I am gifted. I believe I will success getting a CDL license when time is right.
    Please understand this who deaf people who want to become to be is struggling than what hearing wanted to become like police officer, NO DEAF person can become one, but there is deaf firefigher. why not police officer? because TOO dangerous job and requires ALOT of calls and dispatching. just an example...

    If DOT ban deaf to get CDL then why not ban get driver class D to drive a regular vechile because STILL dangerous no matter what kind deaf people drives because still have sound around such as siren, honking, tires screeching, accident sounds, much more.. still much same with trucking. I do understand about air brake and thing like that on semi trucks but still same with cars or motorcycle or boat.. alot alot of sounds going on around every moving vechiles so it should be the same with CDL and should allow to approved deaf person that passed the hearing test then should not be a issue. Sorry, its true. One day in USA there will be a law that will approve this because deaf who dream to become a trucker is still fighting in few states and one day federal will make a new rule to meet possible will approve that pass something to get CDL which WILL happen one day.

    Many years ago deaf people CANT get driver license while hearing people can, and the law passed long ago that deaf people now can get driver license, so will one day allow CDL to approved deaf people. NOT ALL.. ONLY APPROVED.. want to be clear of what I think will happen someday.

    Thanks for ur time reading my forum from my view of being a deaf trucker driver.

    Sorry long forum but thank you for ur time.:biggrin_25525:
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    Jan 22, 2008
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    Deaf culture is interesting. I used to want to be an ASL interpreter but unless you grow up using it, it takes years.

    Many deaf people shun those that go the way of cochlear implants. They become part of the hearing culture.

    Those born deaf are also different than anyone who looses their hearing later, even in childhood. It's the difference that helps with understandable speech.

    I don't see any specific accommodations that could be made for commercial driving for the deaf. Not just a truck, what about your kids school bus? Both CDL.

    If you're deaf and ride a motorcycle, cool. You can't hear something and wreck, you kill you. The same in a semi? You could kill many.

    A deaf cop could police a community of the deaf. That's all.
  9. trucker_101

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    Apr 23, 2010
    Well I tried to watch,:biggrin_25513: but everyone that "I" found, they were using sign language. So sorry, I never watched all the way through. But if the FMCSA says no then I guess it's no. Of course sometimes there are exceptions to the rules with the right papers & Doctors backing you up.:yes2557:
    I have Type2 diabetes, and right now I can drive both in Canada & USA, because I'm only taking oral medication & my blood sugar numbers are mostly in range of where they're supposed to be. But my Dr. wants to put me on insulin injections to better handle my blood sugar numbers. When I do that I won't be allowed to drive trucks in the USA anymore, only in Canada.
    Thats The Rules...:biggrin_25524:
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    Sep 2, 2010
    I'm completely deaf in one ear but able to pass DOT medical. As others said though, completely deaf in both ears and you're pretty much out for interstate driving.
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