Can I fight my contract?

Discussion in 'CR England' started by Ffx95, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Ffx95

    Ffx95 Light Load Member

    May 18, 2017
    I've been with this company for sometime and I'm just waiting for my contract to expire so I can run away like the plague. Anywho he's the backstory.

    So I had a co-driver but he took hometime and I was too far to pick him up so I ran solo for about a week. Now I was going to pick up a load Tunnel Hill, GA it was a 180 mile deadhead I didn't mind since I was getting paid but I go in and I'm missing about 70 miles and my DM decides to stop me to say I've been assigned a new co-driver but he's in Atlanta which was about 150ish miles south so I had to turn around and pick him up. I call him and notice he has a heavy foreign accent so now I know we're going to have communication issues. I pick him up and run for another hour and decide to tell him to start driving because I only had 1 more hour of driving. He gets into a fuss because he just upgraded to phase 2 and his trainer never let him drive nights. Now I tell him tough #### I don't have the hours to get there man up and drive. Finally after disputing he gets on. Now this is where he decides to spill the beans and say he's had 3 trainers.....oh #### he's a bad apple. I stay positive and just assume maybe he got 2 bad trainers or racist ones.

    Anywho he starts to log in doesn't even mark pre-trip, doesn't walk around the truck to check, nothing just logs in and starts driving. I already knew what was going to happen. He makes a turn out the truckstop WAYYY too wide eating all the road but I let it slide assuming he needs to get used to the truck so more.

    Now here's the deal breaker; he's driving 40 in the interstate that says 70 and minimum 45. I tell him speed up you're going to cause an accident he just says how I shouldn't have made him drive night he needs to drive slow because he can't see. The load is running late so I can't just stop and have us reset our clocks to have me drive night so I said tough #### drive atleast 50. I go to the sleeper and strap myself with the safety net just incase something happens because he's not listening to me still going 40. Now he shouts to wake me up he has to pee so I look for a stop. Now we find a petro and tell him to take the exit. He goes 20 I #### you not 20 mph while still in the interstate before taking the ramp, yes you're hearing this right 20 mph while still in the interstate lane not the exit lane. Oh my god.

    So I tell my dm and tell him I can't drive with him. He replies next morning with saying finish my current load which is near Chicago and he'll get me a load to Salt Lake City. No way in HELL I'm going 1400 miles with someone like this. So I tell him no I'm going to south holland and dropping him off or I quit. Well I did that he gets mad tries throwing me to another DM. Other DM tries to put me with a solo driver that is with his wife and have a whole bunch of stuff in the truck already. We talk and agree teaming is not in our best interest specifically because he likes to do hanky panky with his wife. Now I'm talking to my old DM saying it's not ganna happen. Anywho that's it so far waiting for his reply. I'm sure he's probably going to try to get me back by doing something shady like slow miles or the sort but I wanted to know if I'm getting penalized can I take my contract for review legally as they expect me to work under unsafe conditions I had to REALLLY argue with my dm to get this guy off my truck.
  2. MysticHZ

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    May 28, 2010
    What contract? Lease? Training? Lease is a walk away. Training is a loan from Eagle Finance ... CRE is just making the payment for you and will reimburse you if you stay on another year after they pay it.

    Just quit and pay Eagle your self directly.
  3. Puppage

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    Aug 2, 2012
    Branford, Connecticut
  4. Trucker Paul

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    Aug 15, 2012
    That's why England is a company to be avoided. I know stuff happens and people need to go there for various reasons. England just does not care about drivers when they have a new bunch coming in every week
  5. albert l

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    Feb 10, 2013
    On the Road
    Are you a trainer while still under contract from your training?
  6. skellr

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    Jul 17, 2011
    The Village, Portmeirion
    Don't talk to your DM for a safety issue like that... Talk to someone in the safety Dept.

    You DM just wants to make money and won't care unless the safety Dept is up thier butt.
  7. Ffx95

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    May 18, 2017
    UPDATE: Now I found out the guy was not supposed to have his wife in the truck, I didn't know that and I ratted him out and he's upset at me if I knew I wouldn't have said that. They're trying to put me with a guy that has to get his wife a bus ride home because I messed up big time. I'm really overwhelmed right now just want to go home and screw this hellhole. I slept 3 hrs yesterday and 4 today because I couldn't sleep because of that guy that drove slow. This is way too much for me honestly I think I'm just going to go home.
  8. MysticHZ

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    May 28, 2010
    Do what you need to do. As far as I know there are no documented cases of CRE imprisoning or executing anyone.
  9. Steel Tiger

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    Jun 6, 2012
    Clermont, FL
    I'm confused. If you're leasing, how can they force you to take on a co driver of their choosing? If you're training, how can a trainee bring a spouse? Need more info
  10. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    Trainers are paid salary the way I was, the only contract anywhere is for existing loans taken for school etc.

    I say trainer quits and eats the cost of the learning CDL.

    I refuse to get into the possibilities of immigration, bad english comprehension etc displayed by this trainee. And a apparent failure to comprehend and follow the interstate speed limit (Or even a minimum...) in fact I think somewhere in that mess he says he cannot see.

    Wont drive nights? At any price? That trainee needs to be removed from the industry.

    If we all went to day time driving only, there is no parking enough for everyone at night nationwide and this country will suffer for it across the board.

    I would have returned that trainee to Atlanta and deposited him at the company office there within a hour or two. Ive had a couple that did not even last 20 minutes. Company can fire me or I quit, before those bad trainees go another mile with me in there. Ugh.

    No wonder drivers are 50 cents a dozen Have to plow through the mass to keep the diamonds.
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