Carrier, Charlotte, NC - problems and damage to trailer by yard jockey

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    Went to pick up a SD Wide load late September, 2021. . When I got there, they said it was not going to be ready since they discovered a problem with the unit. Got offered a legal load of A/C units and decided to take it, but then they said it would be awhile and I would need to drop my trailer so they could put it into the tight dock, that they said a road tractor couldn't get it into. I usually NEVER let anyone do this but regretfully accepted. Had to wait outside the gate with my tractor for a few hours bc this wasn't ready either. Took a long nap - something I've become used to at this place - been pulling out of here for many years.
    Then that load got cancelled for some reason and I got the previous oversized load offer, which I took. Was directed to pick up my trailer, AFTER the next two trucks got loaded, which had now been dropped near the front roll-up door for overhead crane loading inside the bldg. Backed in, got loaded, chained and tarped after a couple of hours. Finally got out of there after dark and didn't notice until the next morning in the light that they had hit something very hard (idiot had to have known this, too - probably did it on purpose, I suspect, bc I had TRUMP stickers on my tractor). The RF outside tire had a few deep cuts and the aluminum rim was gouged. Had to replace two tires for the tread to match and told the broker about it as soon as I was aware of it. I even told them in my email (always get proof of your conversations in sticky situations) that Carrier had to have done this and I'm sure all they had to do was check their security cameras to see exactly who did it and when. Long story short, Carrier kept saying for the next week and a half, according to the broker, that they were still reviewing the video. Well, I figured out where that would go. The broker agreed to pay for the outside tire (I submitted a receipt for 2 tires) and that is a whole lot more I can say for Carrier. I had told the broker that I could still use the rim as it was not excessive damage. I even stopped by the Carrier plant on Old Statesville Road several days later and asked for _____ who was the shipping contact. Had to give my name and company and was told he's still looking at the video - 2 1/2 weeks later!!! BS!!! Like Carrier doesn't have the money. Shows how much they must value their carriers who pull their loads for them.
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