cascadia regen..... nightmare!

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  1. soon2betrucking

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    Sep 28, 2007
    Philadelphia, Pa
    well... still sitting.... still waiting...
    the guys here are not very friendly..
    on a scale from 1-10 i give them a 3..maybe a 3.5
    had the a-hole not forgot about me in their yard..where he told me to wait... they would have known what was wrong, and they would have been able to order the part on friday, or sat. and it could have been here today... but no!
    they had to the order the part today.. sooooooo ill be waiting here till tommorow
    getting a hotel room for the night...
    stress level is gone... dont know whats comes after the stress....
    when i figure out what part it is they need, ill post on here...
    i just know its been a long day of failed regens, and one right after another...
    they said the part is not covered under warrenty... and it runs about $1,500 and they had to order it from someplace in Memphis...
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  2. stranger

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    Oct 10, 2006
    That seems to be a common theme at dealerships.
  3. SLCTrucker

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    Jan 15, 2009
    Salt Lake City UT
    I would check with detroit about the warranty.... Seems like if its engine related and under the warranty mileage, then it should be covered.

    Also if they ordered it from another dealer that might be why they dont want to cover it, detroit warranty requires parts to be shipped from Reno NV, thats what my detroit guy told me, the freightliner might have part or have it shipped from another dealer but the warranty will not cover freightliners mark up and they always want parts shippped from them.

    Good Luck....
  4. Hardlyevr

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    Jul 30, 2009
    and pollution control equipment has to have a different warranty period that regular truck and engine components.
  5. soon2betrucking

    soon2betrucking Road Train Member

    Sep 28, 2007
    Philadelphia, Pa
    im a company driver. so my company could look into it if they want...
    but perhaps thats why it wont be covered.. cause the part should come from reno as you said.. they guy, the fat greese ball, that left me in the yard on friday and forgot about me seemed to be bothered by it and said that this is the best way to go about it so i can get up and running quicker...
    tho.. had he just hooked up to my truck on friday afternoon there is a good chace that i could be heading on down the highway at this very moment... but im not.. im sitting here.. in a hotel... truckless...
    i guess its all part of the job...
    and i have to admit something here..
    many of my driver friends here at the company said that its time i ask for a new truck.. even my family said its time to ask for a new truck...
    and i agree...somewhat... but i disagree more..
    i thought about it... had i asked for a new truck last week, and they put me in a new one.. that would mean that someone els would be sitting in this very spot.. and most guys out here dont have it as easy as i do out here...
    24,not married...dont have rid of my place back home and now reside with my parents.. so my bills are nothing compared to someone who has to worry about keeping a roof over their family..keeping food on the table for the kids...making the payments for things in life..
    so i guess its not all that bad for myself, when i know other people cant afford a brk down like this...
    i dont know.. i guess its just how i was raised...

    but anyway...
    tommorrow when i get back... and i find out what the part is they was needed ill fill everyone in... i wont keep it a secret...

    but could someone tell me why both this shop here in lexington, and the one in ringold ga wont tell me ANYTHING bout the truck or what they are doing, or what they need to do... im not the type of person to stand the door asking every 2 seconds whats going on.. if i go out for a smoke and see the mechanic step outside and walk past i simply ask whats going on with the truck and how things are coming along... and they wont tell me..
    this shop here wouldnt even tell me what color the sky is if i were to ask them....
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  6. SLCTrucker

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    Jan 15, 2009
    Salt Lake City UT
    I have always found that most shops just think we are a dumb driver and dont know anything about a truck engine, more so if its a warranty issue as they dont want you to know whats being replaced most of the time.
    Last warranty issue I had they never even gave me a invoice or paperwork to confirm any work was completed.

    We have out own in house shop thats great that I try to use if I can. because they do keep you informed even with warranty stuff.
  7. soon2betrucking

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    Sep 28, 2007
    Philadelphia, Pa
    sooo..... here is the LITTLE they told me... and i dont really understand it...
    they are taking " snap shots " of something and sending them to Ditroit...
    said they have to replace? or do something to the DPF?? they may be the wrong letters im using.. but i know one of you guys can explain to me what it is....
    i asked if at all possiable will i be able to leave out today..
    " Anything Is Possiable " he said.... i guess he is right...

    on a lighter note.. a driver called it quits today here at the dealership..
    i got a galaxy 949w/an amp/peaked and tuned, a 13inch flat screen, dvd player and a cobra 800 watt peak ivterter all for a whopping $51... :biggrin_2556:
    not a bad day spending if you ask me...
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  8. soon2betrucking

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    Sep 28, 2007
    Philadelphia, Pa
    time will tell if they fixed it or not...
    so i got the truck back this evening...
    at 2:45 they told me that the truck was finished, but i had to wait till payments were done and paper work was completed...
    finally at 6:15 i went inside to see WTF was taking soooooo f--- long..
    the big fat guy... youll remember my earlier post from friday, who left me in the yard cause " he forgot " about me... well... again the fat basterd " forgot " about me yet again!!!!
    im sorry... but these guys at this dealership need to understand that WE dont get paid by the hour, WE dont get salry, WE only get paid if the wheels are turnning!!!! im pissed and do think that I may write a letter to both his dealership and Freighliner themselvs.
    soo... aside from being forgotten about... finally at 6:15 when i went back inside to see what was up to find out that fat mess left, the other guy asked me to sign ONE piece of paper and I could be on my way...
    ill type everything thats on the write up sheet from this shop like i did with the other dealership in ringold ga..

    **** 424733 hooked up laptop printed out codes started doing a regen, it started ok when the intake throttle valve started to close, it opens right back ip and unit idles up and down, pulled unit back into the shop, hooked ip the laptop the it had was soot level high and doser fuel supply PSI abnormal trouble shot the 3480-1 code checked the fuel PSI it had it had 65pse done. the doserfuel line psi test it failed changed the doser block done the test again and it passed, backed out and started a parked regen when the temps got up the ITV command would go up to 88.6 then drop down to about 15.3 and it would smoke then it would back fireit done that a few times then regen would kick out. called detroit anthony said to pit the 18sp694 itv with bracket kit on it, steve called and said to follow the check sheet he sent me checked the fuel psi it was ok, no leaks, checked the air system no leaks, checked the exhaust no leaks done a hystereses test it passed checked the EGR valve it was ok the ITV is ok got the ATD temp it was 607 the DPF PSI sensor reading was 0.036 in and out was 0.000 the barto was 14.33 the inlet manifold was 13.98, checked harned at valve cover and ECM cleaned the oil off the doc temp sensot came out ok removed the DPF and took it apart and sent the requested pics to detroit then preformed a DDEC report and mailed to detroit installed the ITV kit and bolted up the DPF preformed a parked regen checked ok, ran a full regen for 42 mins. ****

    well... there it is... with any luck i can start making some money the next few days....
    anyone wanna take a bet on how long it will last this time??
    im not holding my breath...

    the big fat messy guy said that their was a decent amount of water in the fuel filters...:biggrin_25524::biggrin_2556:
    but he also said that this big problem was not caused because of the water...
    well... i guess thats it for now...
    i would suggest that if anyone was looking to have their truck worked on they either keep moving up to ohio or indy to tenn to have the work done theire... if you want to be out a lot of money and have people not talk to u like an actual person then feel free to go to Ky F.L
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  9. SLCTrucker

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    Jan 15, 2009
    Salt Lake City UT
    Well hopefully you are fixed now....
    See you mentioned dozer again, just like mine.

    I am so glad I took mine direct to detroit rather than a FL dealer.
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