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    I am looking at a Freightliner truck with 375,000 miles. It looks to be farily clean in the ad. The engine has 375,000 miles on it . I plan to use this truck around the farm and will probably only put 1,000 mile a year on it. Will this engine last a good while yet if it has been properly taken care of and has little blowby? Thanks in advance,

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    Fred,It's not uncommon for the C-12 to go to 500,000 miles before an overhaul with proper scheduled maintenance.2003 was the last year they manufactured this engine so any extended warranty has proabably expired by now.The first thing you want to see is service records from the dealer or at the very least the trucks road use history.If neither are provided then I would see if you can take it to a CAT authorized service center.From there they can plug into the computer using their software and give you a much better idea of how the engine was maintained and at what intervals the work was done.Cat engines are made to last but expensive to repair.No service records?Dealer won't let you take it to a CAT service center?Don't buy it!
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    It's a good motor as long as it's taken care of. I drove one for the last 2 years in some pretty rough conditions and still going strong. It's not a very torquey motor but she pulled a wheel loader on a pintle hitch trailer with decent speed.
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    Thanks to both of you for the response! I will take your advice and now feel much better prepared to make the decision. Thanks again! Fred
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