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  1. Chrys

    Chrys Bobtail Member

    Dec 9, 2007
    upper sandusky, ohio
    My hubby, is currently training with werener and is sounding very down hearted. He is talking about trying CCX we live very near a small terminal and have a freind who drives a local dedicated route for them. Like most newbies he went into this with stares in our eyes I was going to get my cdl and drive with him but now realize its going to take time to find and get with a good company. So I am wondering would CCX be a better choice for hubby and mabybe myself also? For those of you with experience and realitice knowledge I would love to hear from you.

    Worried Wife
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  3. wallbanger

    wallbanger "Enemy of showers everywhere"

    I would say yes, but LTL work (like Conway) can be tougher than some people expect. I would search for some old threads about orking for LTL's under the 'Trucking Jobs' heading.

    Good luck!

    And BTW, last I checked CCX wanted at least one year verifiable to qualify (no rookies), so hubby may be stuck for a bit.
  4. Powell-Peralta

    Powell-Peralta Road Train Member

    Jul 17, 2007
    When you say CCX, do you mean Con-way truckload or just CCX freight?

    If CCX freight (the LTL stuff) then, i probably would not recommend it, unless your husband is the type that never sleeps or only needs a few hours sleep per night. And, truthfully, there really aren't that many of those types of people around.

    Now, if it is Con-way truckload, then that could be a good company for you and him as team drivers.
  5. BigDaddyJollyRob

    BigDaddyJollyRob <strong>"El Oso"</strong>

    Nov 10, 2007
    I've talked to conway/ccx and was told to comedown after I get my cdl or to check on their school.I was going to go out of my way to train in the next state but when I called the terminal in my state they said just come here and fillout application. Ps They tend to put the newbies on the dock first and do shuttle work. Atleast thats what th TM told me he does here in RI. PAY STARTS AT $18+Hr
  6. truckera4

    truckera4 Bobtail Member

    Feb 6, 2008
    if your husband wants 2 be home every day it may be a good choice, but he will more likely work the dock more than drive 4 awhile. the money is very good and benefits are ok. the job itself is very demanding but would definetly be a good experience 4 him even if it dont work out.
  7. Lonesome

    Lonesome Mr. Sarcasm

    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    The local CCX terminal is advertising that newbies can learn to drive while working the dock at CCX, with CCX training them to drive.
    Having said that, I've also heard from people that have worked there, that you work your arse off on the dock, and that you work a lot of split shifts, come in and work 4-5 hrs in the morning, and then go home, only to come back and work 4-5 hrs in the evening. Having worked the dock years ago at Preston, I can tell you it's a tough job, especially in the winter, and before major holidays like Christmas, when a lot of Christmas items cross the dock.
  8. BigDaddyJollyRob

    BigDaddyJollyRob <strong>"El Oso"</strong>

    Nov 10, 2007
    Going for my road test Feb 14 and re talked to the Tm and he said I need my doubles and Hazmat(already finger printed) and Next week is a good time but no promises. An interview is all I can ask for.:biggrin_25519:
  9. Calitrucker712

    Calitrucker712 Light Load Member

    Jan 14, 2008
    Arcata CA
    Well none of the endorsements are that hard to get. I have all 3. Good luck on the interview and 18/hr at least in my neck of the woods is pretty good wage.
  10. kennedy

    kennedy Bobtail Member

    Jan 9, 2008
    henderson ky
    I drive ltl in so. indiana. conway is a good company to work for as long as you don't starve to death waiting to get to full time work. I know alot of drivers who quit because of the fact that one day you are a city driver and the next night you are a line haul driver followed by a city driver 10 hours later. conway is also known around here for hiring too many drivers at once and then laying you off a few months later. Personally I drive for Central Transport. It is an aquired taste I guess you could say. And not everyone enjoys city/ltl. One trainee I had with me said "we bumped more docks today than I did in a week of OTR". He lasted two days on his own. He did'nt like dealing with 12-15 stops a day. But for me ltl is the only way to go.
  11. bbigking

    bbigking Bobtail Member

    Jan 12, 2008
    Reno, NV
    I currently drive for Conway Western LTL in Reno.
    I have been there 11 months and will be leaving to go back to Crete in a week.
    Like any other trucking company, things get slow this time of year, but I still manage to get 40+ hours per week.
    I can safely say that the only reason this happens is because of the EXTREMELY innefficient way they manage their operation!
    I have driven one kind of truck or another for 25 years in several different states for several different companies but have never experienced this much disorginization before.
    For example, on any given day I will encounter maintenance issues that will delay me 30 mins. to 1 hour, appointment trailers loaded with 4-5 stops that ALL have the same appointment times and the best is when the dock supervisor tells people to load the existing freight on the dock...and doesn't care if it's loaded in order just get it off the dock.
    When you are mostly using pups that are jam packed full of freight, that does not leave you the option of working around the freight. It does cause you to drive back and forth several times a day passing up stops that could have been delivered hours earlier. I lost count how many times I had a delivery with another one right next door, but the freight was in the the nose so I had to come back later in the day to deliver it.
    The catch 22 is that you are required to take your lunch everyday between the 4th and 6th hour. It is a violation of company policy to wait until the end of the day to take it, not to mention a real drag if all you want to do at that point is go home.
    Regardless you can be written up for it if they choose to do so.
    You can also be written up for failing to make your deliveries.
    ###### if you do and ###### if you don't.
    Add to that the fact that 99% of the time you aren't even leaving the terminal until 10 a.m. (at the earliest) due to the fact that the freight is ALWAYS late in arriving from Sacramento. In the winter it's usually due in large part to Donner Pass. In the summer, and year round, it's due to the Sacramento terminal "holding" the Reno drivers because the make up the largest percentage of people working the dock at night.
    IT GETS BETTER! If you have to deliver, lets say Carson City, you still have to hook your set and drive an hour to get there. Then you can expect to have to get delayed some more because a lot of places close for lunch.
    Not to mention having two trailers loaded with freight that has deliveries for Dayton.
    Arrive in Carson, break set, do deliveries in Carson and Dayton, go back to the other trailer, swap trailers and cover the same ground you just did!
    Now I was always under the impression that using that 2 hour extension each week was supposed to be for things like weather and other extenuating circumstances.
    Conway, however, expects you to use it on a regular basis whether you're local or linehaul.
    Now don't get me wrong, I love a challenge, and I RARELY ever bring back freight, but ####!!!
    I have stated in a different post that CWX RENO was quickly becoming the Swift of the LTL industry.
    I say this because the only reason they still have ANY experienced guys working there is because the "old timers" have to put in enough time to get their pensions (pre 401 K). When they start to retire it will leave only the people who have gone through their driving school.
    In the past 11 months I am the ONLY guy with experience that was dumb enough to hire on.
    Once the old guys start to retire...which will be soon, CWX Reno will be just like Swift.
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