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  1. betolori426

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    May 3, 2014
    lincoln park,mi
    These company has good people at the office,nice respectful,but if u looking as o/o.hard to get.
    they run out of Chicago..heavy loads going south and coming bak..especially if u go thru Virginia,Tennessee,big mountain's..first week light loads.after that all heavy loads..they dont have a lot of back haul loads lay over a lot..sit around quite lot..not recommend for o/o if u dont live in chicago and wanna be home often..barely got loads to Michigan. also miles they shorten u I don't know why..mayb for dispatcher..let say u run 977 miles ull see 947 on settlement ..they have a shop but no thru mechanic..they called road service for big jobs..i got charged $1200.00 for break job.on front axle and one side on rear axle..almpst flipped out on mechanic..
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