Celadon: What kind of runs would I be making?

Discussion in 'Celadon' started by Rawesome, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Your health benefits go into effect the first of the month following 90 days. I've attached the information regarding the cost. You have different options to chose from.

    Northeast pay is .41cpm.

    You can park there truck where ever. As long as it is in a safe place.

    Courtney Shreve
    Driver Recruiter
    Celadon Trucking Services
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    You should reconsider going tanker. With the low cost of natural gas many chemical companies are growing or moving to the US. Plus the tanker is shorter and easier to park and the loads generally easier (mostly dedicated). Schneider is a great company to learn from also. Even if you run tanker you can always pick-up a box or two.
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    No it's not, and anything you say he's going to have a counter argument for.
    I would have called you out for anything I read that wasn't correct. Like most good drivers, keep a professional attitude even when the other person isn't being professional.

    Remember kids, breakdown pay stops the moment you refuse the option of getting a loaner truck or doing a recovery! They want to keep you moving but if you just want to sit in a hotel, they'll only pay you for the first couple days. My truck was broke down for 2 weeks in Greensboro. 2 weeks! Most of which was no pay (not Celedon's fault). I blame International because they kept stringing me along. Finally after that 2nd week I said "I'm done, I'm over this, get me out of here." and my DM worked with Greensboro and had me moved to another truck that day.
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    I gave Cel-a-con 3 months before I just couldn't take it anymore. When I went there I had already taken a 5 cpm paycut compared to the previous company. First couple of loads weren't bad...800-900 mile loads. After that the bottom fell out, average loads were 400 miles or less (mostly less). To this day I firmly believe Celadon is a truck leasing company...if you go there you'll see what I mean in no time. It seems that the company drivers are nothing more than a tool to take the bad loads that lease drivers refuse. The last month I was there, I'd be woken up at 4am by the QC, dispacted to drive 30 miles to a rest area to repower a lease drivers load, do a d&h, and take that to the final 40 miles away for a 3 hour live unload. I got quite a few of those. The last 6 weeks there I never grossed over $525 a week...and I did everything asked of me without crying about it. The most positive experience out of the whole thing was after I fulfilled my 2 week notice and turned in their truck at their selected terminal they did get me home and my DM expressed displeasure at the loads that they had been assigning to me, but he expressed that he'd done as much as others would allow.

    But...if you don't care about money, they do seem to do a good job with maintaining the equipment. They boast of a modern fleet, eh thats debatable and they still use the old qualcomms and the maxipad engines suck
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    Geez! Grow up! I just don't get it! How can so many drivers have such different experiences? Must be the fact that we are all different and react to our work differently as we'll. I love celadon. No driving job for any large company is perfect, but what job is? Atlas was "being real" and is right about what he/she says. I have been with them for going on 3 years..and have done well.
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    Average length of haul for me is probably 600-1000. I just recently finished a load that took me from GA to CA for 2300 miles. With two fill ups, I popped it in for a good $800 that week. I like to space myself out and drive during daylight so my weekly average is probably nowhere near 3000 miles.
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    Question for you all once your done with class and with the trainer do you go solo then or do you have to team?
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    Do you know where in VA?
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    It varies, really, but mostly from southern VA
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    You are not encouraged, discouraged or required to team. It's up to you.
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