Changan Automobile's Vehicle Distribution Centre in Chongqing, China

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    Changan Automobile's Vehicle Distribution Centre in …
    This footage was filmed and produced 25 February 2024. [Note: no sound] An aerial video shows rows of new energy vehicles parked at Changan Automobile's vehicle distribution center in Chongqing, China, Feb. 25, 2024. According to the China Automobile Association data show that in January, the production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 787,000 and 729,000, respectively, an increase of 85.3% and 78.8%, and the market share reached 29.9%. Among them, 629,000 units were sold in China, up 93.3% year on year; Exports were 101,000 units, up 21.7 percent year-on-year.
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