Changing out the wiper motor on a 2001, 379. Instructions HERE.

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    Howdy All,

    EDIT, I found the answer to my question. This may be of use to others who need to do this job.

    ( 1 ) To get at the nut that holds the BEHIND the firewall wiper operating rod to the wiper motor, REMOVE the main dash panel the holds the speedo-tach, doing this will allow you to access the 13mm nut that holds the wiper operating arm to the wiper motor, then use a screw driver or other tool to wedge the wiper arm off of the splined shaft of the wiper motor.

    ( 2 ) Remove 4, 11mm bolts holding assembly to the outside of the firewall, DISCONNECT the wires. Remove 3, 11mm bolts holding the wiper motor to the mounting plate. Remove wiper motor from mounting plate, attach wiper NEW wiper motor to mounting plate, replace wiper motor and mounting plate assembly, hook up wires. Reinstall the wiper operating rod, reinstall the 13mm nut holding the wiper operating arm to the wiper motor. Reinstall the dash. SAVE A PILE OF MONEY.

    Again I am posting here asking for help and advice you folks sure have saved me a lot of time and money over the years and I appreciate it.

    Like the title says I have a 2001, 379 tractor that I am "attempting" to change out the windshield wiper motor on. I have disconnected the wiring plug, I have removed the (4) 11mm bolts that hold the wiper motor to the outside of the firewall, somewhere, somehow, there must be something that holds the assembly to the wiper mechanism BEHIND the firewall.

    My question is, what do I have to do to get to whatever it is that has to be disconnected so I can remove and replace the wiper motor?

    Thanks for any advice you can give.

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    Reason for edit: Found the answer to my question, posted answer to this thread.
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