Cobra 29 LX LE with 75RFX vs Cobra 200 10 Meter Radio?

Discussion in 'CB Radio Forum' started by Caterpillar Cowboy, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Caterpillar Cowboy

    Caterpillar Cowboy Heavy Load Member

    Nov 11, 2010
    Cobra 29 LX LE with RFX 75, 2' Firestik II antenna hood mount, 18' coax with fire ring connector... What can I expect?
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  3. Christensen

    Christensen Light Load Member

    May 24, 2011
    West Palm Beach, Fl.
    I like Cobra, But would like to know from truckers what to get, what gives me the most range, and what kind of range can i expect..Also a good stick...thank you
  4. Turbo-T

    Turbo-T Road Train Member

    May 31, 2009
    So technically that makes everyone a mudduck since after they get so far from you they begin to fade off on the distance...right?

    You can expect a real poor range. A 2 inch stick ain't gonna cut it.

    If you want to "get out", height is might. Always has been. Meaning the taller the antenna and the taller you can mount the antenna = the better.

    CB's require long antennas to work right. A 102 whip is an ideal set up but unfortunately for semis this is impractical. In your case I'd recommend a Wilson 2000 trucker. This is a whip style center loaded antenna. Wilson makes some of the best CB antennas hands down.

    An amp or even an aftermarket final such as the RFX75, is only a supplement to helping your range, but by no means is it a band-aid for running a poor antenna. So in other words, spend your cash most importantly buying the very best antenna you can, and not a 2 foot or even a 3 foot antenna either. Get the Wilson 2000 I mentioned. Then get the RFX or amp if you still want it. You can thank me later.

    Range will come from how well of an antenna you run. The antenna is the heart and soul of any CB radio.

    For an antenna get the Wilson 2000 I posted above.

    As for the radio, pick one that has the features you will use. For example, I recommend Cobra 25's or Uniden 68's because they give you pretty much everything you need in a CB for a good price.

    You could go for the Cobra 29 if you don't mind paying extra for a larger chassis radio that only offers up an inaccurate SWR meter as it's option over the 25. The Uniden 78 is the brother to the Cobra 29. However performance wise, the Cobra 25, 29, Uniden 68 and 78 will all give you the same amount of performance.

    If you plan to use single side band (ssb) for long range communications (not many truckers do, but sideband lets you talk farther than being on channel 19 AM provided your buddy also has a sideband radio) then get something like a Cobra 148 GTL. Galaxy also makes ssb radios like the 959 and the 979 but they drift like sailboats on sideband. Not something you'd want. In fact I don't even recommend the 959 ad 979 radios unless you can pick one up dirt cheap.

    However if you don't talk sideband then you might as well not bother getting a sideband radio. Because they cost more than a standard AM CB radio like a Cobra 25/29 or a Uniden 68/78.

    If you plan on getting an export radio (Connex, General Lee, Stryker, RCI, Magnum, some Galaxy radios) or any of the radios with the "band" switch on the front, understand now these are not true CB radios - they'll let you on the CB band once converted....they will also let you on the 10 meter portion of the amateur radio bands (ham) that requires a license to operate on. And intrusion of such bands without license will result in a warning letter from the FCC either to you or the company you drive for, followed by a hefty fine if not complied with. Truck drivers who were in this violation have been fired as well by their companies.

    So if you get one of these radios, take the time to learn where the CB band is and where the ham bands are on the radios, and ensure you do not transmit anywhere but the CB band. Some radios like the Magnum 257 and the Magnum Omegaforce S45HP will allow you to set the radio up to run on nothing but the CB band, by moving the jumper around on the board.

    Anyways hopefully this helps you with your choice. They really need to make a sticky on what type of radios to pick and choose from, to include my heads up on the exports. Perhaps this will keep more people in the know, so they don't accidentally/unknowingly get on the 10 meter ham bands by flipping the band switch and start yacking away on 28.025 mHz.
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  5. kc0iv

    kc0iv Light Load Member

    Mar 31, 2010
    Parkville, Mo

    Channel Jumper said "
    There is one thing you might not know.
    The State of New York got tired of the Pirate Radio stations - ex. a low power radio station with no license that transmits on the legal bands.
    Instead of the regular lackadasical attitude of the FCC where they hand out the $10,000.00 fine per a occurance and let it be downplayed to a $2500.00 fine in court.
    They went one step further and enacted a law which allows the local government to enforce all the FCC rules and regulations pertaining to Pirate Radio Stations.
    Now you might say - what does this have to do with me?
    Note I said unlicensed radio stations 0perating on the legal bands."

    Channel Jumper said "
    The minus side is - if you get caught doing anything illegal in New York you can face stiff penalitys including the loss of your truck and trailer and load. I wonder what the truck owner would do if you called him / her from jail and tried to tell them that you lost the truck and load because you were running a illegal CB radio."

    Only if you transmit on the AM radio band or the FM radio band. As shown this does involve CB radio.

    Channel Jumper said "
    The only loophole there is that the old Heathkit stuff could have been modified by a previous owner and then sold to you and you might not know that it will work on the 11 meters band. Just that you don't want to try and see what will happen if you get caught on those bands."

    You do understand there were commercial manufactured radios that included 11 meters don't you. One example is the Yaesu FT-101 series.

  6. WA4GCH

    WA4GCH Road Train Member

    Aug 12, 2009
    Seminole Florida
    WHAT THE HECK :biggrin_2556:

    No you must use CRETIFIED radios no matter what age you can't go get a DX-100 and call it a CB .......

    As for that law .....

    The only rights a local goverment has is under PL 106-521 they can pass any law they want to protect AM/FM but it will not stand in court ....

    Only the FCC can enforce laws .... and THEY might opt to use it themselves ....
  7. KE5WDP

    KE5WDP Road Train Member

    Mar 11, 2010
    Caddo Lake, Texas
    That's a big 10-4
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