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  1. Barman

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    Nov 26, 2012
    So I figured it was time to give an update.

    CWF OKC is not a bad place to work. After the mandatory orientation and other training (1 week of videos\ and HR crap, 1 week of P&D with a co-driver, 1 week linehaul with a co-driver), I have been on linehaul. We are way short handed on linehaul drivers, as all of our senior DSRs prefer P&D. The shortest day I have had so far is 11 hours. But most days come close to 13 hours. I work with a great group of DSRs, FOSs and our FOM is pretty cool. Our SCM takes great care of us as drivers. I get plenty of dock time on our 2 shorter runs, but we have a few long runs that are MNT or D&H. And I definitely hate those Toyota forklifts...way under powered and most are POSs. But its better than pushing freight around all night with a pallet jack or by hand.

    As for the is small. And most of our doors are extremely tight. Most of the doors will leave you with less than 2" of room between the trailers when backing. It can lead to some hairy backing situations when you have the sun to your back reflecting off the mirrors...lots of G.O.A.L. moments... The empties are kept in a dirt pit...that can lead to some interesting hooks if you need two empties during or right after a rain. Our dock is too narrow and not enough doors for the amount of freight we handle, and our inbound/outbound is ran by hired dock workers. 51 doors for over 500k lbs of freight in outbound alone a night. That leads to lots of nights of getting out past your cut time. Thankfully they are talking early 2016 for a new building...but that means we will more than likely have a new location as well as OKC won't approve us any new buildings on the current site, let alone a whole new facility.

    Thank you for the advice, guys.
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  3. jakebrake12

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    Feb 15, 2008
    It's not a bad place to work. When you gain some seniority it can be a lot better. It's improving for the first time since about 2004 also. It's probably the best time to start here since I've been around.
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