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    Jan 3, 2020
    Here’s my advice/insight after 14 months with C.R. England, and about eight days left of my two weeks notice:

    -They’re a garbage company.

    -They will constantly give you “just-in-time loads” that are either impossible to complete on time, or are planned by 65mph, which puts you at liability for a service failure because that doesn’t account for possible delays.

    -They do not care about following the trip planning rules, and their bosses up the chain of command don’t either. You will exhaust yourself reaching out to HR and Operations managers who will give offenders perpetual slaps on the wrist for screwing you over.

    -Even though they don’t give a rip about you, maintain politeness and professionalism with these creeps. The reason is they can put “unsatisfactory performance” on your hireright report, which future employers will look at.

    -Even though the Driver Safety Profile score resets after a certain amount of time, they report to hireright, which is a permanent record. The tow you called in is now on your hire right report: C.R. England is friendly, aren’t they?

    I could go on and on but my hand is starting to hurt.
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    Remember to keep a legal pad. Document any issues as they come up names, times, dates, where, when, how, what and who. And more importantly.


    One more word.

    IF you are given a 2000 mile run due tomorrow at 9 am in a 65 mph truck and not say a ... 300 mph one you tell idiot dispatcher .....


    And then document the situation for later. You will need that either with the idiot dispatcher's bosses or later after you are fired or dismissed or quit for cause to the State's Dept of Labor. They love stuff like that.

    Not to mention federal DOT anti corection laws in place since 2012. As a whistle blower and a victim you stand to earn 10% of whatever dear uncle sam claws from your horrible employer.

    As a side thought....

    Many nations, particularly france, Japan etc. Run 300 mph train service across their lands. We are stuck with crappy rusted out, under budgeted amtrack service that might get to NYC from DC sometime later in the day.
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    Play the part of the penitent newbie:

    " I'm sorry, I know I can do better next time. Just you watch!"

    "I can do better than this! I know I can!"

    "I will prove you all wrong!"

    These mega carriers love hearing that kind of talk. Just keep it positive and don't make any threats. Present yourself as a nice agreeable fellow that's easy to deal with and they will find a way to deal with your mistakes.

    You're only human. You're supposed to make mistakes.

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    Not just send in messages on your Qualcomm but send in an email to your fleet or driver manager and even call them if it’s that big of a screw up.

    Trucking companies communicating internally is an oxymoron , they totally stink at it.

    No you will not get fired for it , the big uglies are very hard up for drivers so you are ok on the job but I hope you gain enough experience and have enough brain power to get the hell out of Cheap Retarded England , it’s just a starter job.

    When you get enough experience and enough bank account in this industry you will learn to just call on your own and pay for these problems on your own. Leave the company out of it.
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