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    Nov 1, 2010
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    I've got the Road Pro lunchbox oven. It uses foil liners so clean up is just throwing away the liner.
    Most truck stops stock the liners, as do many Wal-Mart's. They cost twice as much at truck stops.

    I have also used the Burton unit with adjustable temp, but it burned up 12V plugs like crazy (no matter the setting).

    The Coleman cooler is probably the best 12V cooler out there.
    Eventually the fan will quit, but it is easily replaced with a standard computer case fan. The size it comes with is 92mm, which is impossible to find. An 80mm fan (easy to find) will do in the cooler months but you're much better off with something larger.
    I found a CPU fan/heat sink combo unit (for $15 at a little computer shop) that works even better than the original. The fan is 112mm in a round housing. It's a vey tight fit, but it fits perfectly. That is the largest fan that will fit.
    I just dismounted the fan and connected the red and black wires.
    It keeps things at about 35-40 degrees during very hot weather.
    I might need to splice in a fan speed control knob when the cool weather hits so things don't freeze.
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    Jun 23, 2014
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    Sounds like a lot of work just to not work for a company that will supply you with an inverter lol!!!
  4. SV Jazzasaur

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    Aug 12, 2014
    Coleman has always made good stuff. I can find a replacement fan for that real easy. Around Dallas I can just hit Fry's. Worst case, I can order one from NewEgg. Installing a rheostat is just a matter of pulling out the crimpers, and finding a decent place to mount it. I can so do that.

    I had a Steel "Bread pan" I welded up with a buddy to act for an insert. Used scrap 316 steel. I also have a galley with a water tank on the boat. The trash thing can be difficult sometimes, but I can do dishes. Thanks for the heads up on the liners.

    I don't mind doing the work.

    Never rely on some one else to do something you can do yourself.

    I know they are a big price and size increase, but what do you cats think about the Engel 12v coolers? I have known more than a few sailors that can make them work with no more than an 85w solar panel for charging.

    I will try to ask better questions later.

    Thank you for the help!
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