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    I thought I could be of assistance here as my husband and I are OTR and these truck stop foods are getting old quick. If you have a microwave, invest in Nissen Chow Mein. They are microwavable (or some bowls and ramen noodles). We prefer the Chow Mein as it has some vegetables in it.

    Anyway, one recipient we found that tastes great if you like chicken alfredo is to buy a can of chicken, and alfredo sauce. Cook the noodles according to the package setting aside the seasoning packet. Open and drain the chicken, mix in some alfredo sauce, heat up in microwave and add to the noodles. Add salt and pepper to taste.

    This took a matter of minutes to make and was real good.

    Also, we are looking at doing the same thing with spaghetti sauce (either the meat sauce or investing in the RoadPro 12 volt frying pan to scramble hamburger meat up in, freezing half a pound for later use).

    These are just a couple recipies we are finding that are quick and easy to make in the microwave yet delicious and healthier than truck stop foods/fast foods. Ramen noodles and chow kein noodles are quick and easy to make. You can also buy velveeta cheese packets and throw that into these noodles for a spaghetti-ish macaroni and cheese.
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    How much room do you have for storing food and refrigeration.

    If you can get to a Walmart occasionally, try some of the prepackaged meals like PF Chang's. They might take a little longer to heat in a truck microwave because of the wattage ( you may have a 700w vs the 1000w plus on bigger models).

    Canned Ravioli for a lazy meal or soups

    Baked potatoes, sweet or white

    Walmart did have the boiled egg maker for the microwave. Can cook 4 (I put in 5 sometimes). It is egg shaped and holds about 1 cup of water. The eggs are shielded by a metal protector, and they are steam cooked.

    You can make chicken salad out of the canned chicken also, adding grapes or apples to it makes it better and more homelike. Tuna the same way.

    Precooked bacon slices only need about 10 sec to reheat to use on sandwiches, or to have with scrambled eggs, or omelet. You don't have grease to cleanup afterward. You can buy butter buds or other like that to keep in the frig for flavoring. And don't forget to have salt and pepper and dried onions to help out.

    Sam's Club has the Velveeta Macaroni and Cheese cups that only has to have water added, cook noodles and has the squeeze package of cheese to stir in, it comes in a 12 cup size box.

    You could make chili in the lunchbox cooker, add some onion and hamburger in.

    Canned vegetables are better than none, but if you can buy fresh they would have less sodium content. Stewed yellow and zuchinni squash would be something different. Or a bag of frozen veggies, so many brands come in the steamer bags now, just add cooking time is all.

    We used a 4 burger size George Foreman years ago, but I didn't like the slant on it so husband added a strip of wood to the front with 2 screws like posts to raise it up level. Even made fried eggs on it. Made veggie/fruit, chicken kabobs on it. Didn't have an APU back then, and the truck had to also run to pull the load on it. These all could be nuked and put in a tortilla shell wrap with sauce.

    We had a Coleman electric cooler and a small, really old dorm refrigerator with freezer on it. It was great to hit a farmer's market alongside the road once in a blue moon and stock up on homegrown stuff.

    Cleaning up is the only pain sometimes. Get some oddball Corelle dishes from Walmart to use, they won't break and can be cooked on as needed in the microwave. Even a small Corning Ware bowl with lid would be good to have on hand.
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