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Discussion in 'Covenant' started by Drop'n'Hook, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. big wheels

    big wheels Medium Load Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    Just letting everyone no got fired from covenant.

    I missed my d.o.t ramdem ua. Appt. Time.

    My misstake that has ended my trucking career.

    As i now have a refused ua test. Thats the way they and dot is wording it.

    I was preoccupied with 2 students upgrades. When she walked up and said you have been selted for ramdem ua.

    I hit 2 to 3 times a year for ramdems. And thier are some at covenant who hasnt taking a ua sents ordination. Computer likes my name. I guess.

    This was on a monday and ive been there sents thurday. The 5th day and student would be testing out tueday the 6th day hopefuly i would got load out on the 7th day. (not making a hole lot of money hear.
    But it is requided the i stay with students untill up gradeing is done.

    So i was trying to get all the requirement need to be done for students up grade. Just running around head cut off stuff. Then having to stop and explane every thang to students.

    By this time lunch. Then i was walking back to truck to put permit book back in door of truck. Asking myself what do i need to do today. Stuff went threw my mind like clean truck. Run over to walmart grab cleaning supplies, restocking list of food, water,stamps,note book,white out,ect....
    Then i was like yeah i have doc appt chiropractor. At 1500 hrs and having to ride the shuttle over.

    I just forgot to go. This is a big mistake 1 of the bigest i have ever made.

    As soon as i realised it i made covenant aware of it. And then my life was tured upside down.

    I couldnt beleive what i was hearing, refused ua. Done over with. Dot regulation. Cut and dry. Pre covenant i have time window to take test and i miss it. S0 refused ua.

    When the news made its way around covenant.some big guns were brought in to seen if thjey could help. But at end of it all,i was still fired. They tried all the way up to nco joey.

    After lawyer stated cant change it.
    Safety guys said thier not changing it.

    I ruin my trucking career for ever, because i got side tacked an forgot to go.

    I tried every thang i could to reconcile my mistake.

    I wish i could blame someone else. But i cant because its my mistake.

    The thang is everyone looks at me as if i failed a drug test, when im tring to get rehire some where. I cant lie. So as so as i tell them. Thier reply is no. Even in thier explantion they will use words like failed , positive testing, are refuseing a u/a on your dac . Are compainy plolicy its permitly,we can never hire you.

    Even whrn i try to expain. I just missed my appt. Time. I dont do drugs and have a soild history of passed u/as to prove it, ill sumit to any drug test.

    The answer is no.still no. We are sorry. So am am i.

    My lady cried for along time after i told her. She dosent understand why they are treating us like drug addicts.

    Now how are we going to pay? What are we going to do now?whats going to happen to our home?
    I dont know,i dont know.
    I never felt so low in my life. To have bought so much pain to my family.

    Which saying im sorry doesnt fix anythang.

    If any one knows how i can fix my driving career. Any ideas. Please let me know.
    Thanks big wheels.
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  3. Wego4ut

    Wego4ut Light Load Member

    Nov 25, 2011
    Big wheels all I can say is wow. I feel like I know you thru this forum and am sick to hear of your firing. I hope you pleaded your case with safety folks. I take the DOT randoms seriously but never knew it could mean losing your cdl. Wow.
    As for the .48 cpm, my wife and I make more than that. We've been here 3 years and make 23 1/2 cpm each before safety bonus of .02 per quarter, vacation pay is $1000 each every year and per diem saved us about $9000 in taxes this year our taxman said. So you have to look at the big picture of compensation, not just the beginning wages you mention in your post. Those amounts are for first year drivers, not experienced drivers. There is also layover, detention, 2 year orientation pay, local pay, etc that add up to bigger paychecks.
    Wish you the best.
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  4. big wheels

    big wheels Medium Load Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    Sorry but when i said on one makes 48cpm. I saying no one driver.(not team pay). Makes 48cpm.
    The 9000 saved is two drivers, not one.
    1000 vac pay is for two drives under 3yrs. Not one driver.
    2yr reorientation, takes 3 days, all day, and pays 300 dollors only.(make more than that by driving 3 days).
    Detention pay. Is only paid if the shipper or rec. Pays detention.(most of the time they dont).thank about it.
    Layover your have to sit 48hrs to get paid for that 48hrs.( but covenant will ghost move you to keep load planner out of trouble. ) a ghost move is where they sent you aload than after moving few miles they cancle it,or ask you to drop empty trailer somewhere, just make somethanging. Breaking your 48 hr overlay pay.
    Local pay has to be 50 miles or less. So if its 58miles thier not paying,or they say this load is getting you to your preplan. So on pay.

    Even with all this said being paid. You have stay on top of it. Go to greendot check pay stub see if you got paid for it. If not call friday pay roll phone puts you on hold, you will fall asleep before they answer.
    Sat.sun no payroll. Monday-tuesday they dont answer phones.
    Wedsday you will fall a sleep waiting.or answer some time later.or
    thurday they answer. You have to prove you should have got paid for this. They say oh yeah there it is. Put your going to get with your dispatcher/call him he says ok sending e-mail. You call pay roll back, sometime later they answer and say yes we got it we will make it right next friday.(what. Thats money for work that week,not next week.) just saying it goes down like that.
  5. Woolylocks

    Woolylocks Bobtail Member

    Nov 20, 2011
    Naperville, Illinois
    Covenant trucks are governed at 65 miles, you have to work for them 6 months before you can go solo. The company is geared towards team drivers, but they do have solo routes and the pay depends on the route they are not all the same ( miles) of course. The best thing is to get a dedicated or engineer route with guarantee miles that you get paid regardless of how many miles you actual drive. Fore the most part they will treat you right. But you still have to watch payroll they will cheat you in a heartbeat. I have heard horror stories but they have been good to me so far.
  6. Wickedfire77

    Wickedfire77 Road Train Member

    Mar 3, 2013
    Northern, Michigan
    I'm set up for orientation on Monday. I'm willing to give them a fair shake. I want to team for the higher miles. And I can take the truck home to northern Michigan. Most other companies say I'm out of hiring range.
    Hoping I can get on a dedicated. And find a good codriver.
  7. orangepicker

    orangepicker Road Train Member

    Nov 9, 2011
  8. Wickedfire77

    Wickedfire77 Road Train Member

    Mar 3, 2013
    Northern, Michigan
    I wasn't asking you to be a codriver .
  9. Wickedfire77

    Wickedfire77 Road Train Member

    Mar 3, 2013
    Northern, Michigan
    I actually stayed on where I'm at, biding my time
  10. quitran828

    quitran828 Bobtail Member

    Feb 3, 2022
    I’ve recently applied at covenant and received a pre hire form . Im a recent grad and want to know if you went through the orientation process. The only thing that I’m worried about is there driving test. It’s been about 2 months after trucking school, I took that long because I got all my endorsements and hazmat took the longest to come home “nearly 2months”.
    How was the driving test, and is it possible to fail? How bad do you have to be to fail the driving part?
  11. snowmantrucking101

    snowmantrucking101 Medium Load Member

    Mar 8, 2017
    You can be blind in one eye and can't see out the other and pass at that turdhole. Anyone with a pulse and a heartbeat is a shoe in. Do yourself a huge favor....research & look around elsewhere.
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