Covenant transport recruiters lie to you.

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    All? Nah, depends upon the situation.

    I've found that recruiters in big places lie, a lot. By big, I mean the Army Recruiter in a big city or the recruiter for a mega carrier. Sell a lie, push them though., do it all again next week/month/year. Its a volume game.

    I was also an Army Recruiter in a past life in a small Florida town. As of the 2020 Census, that town still only had a population of 7,543 people. The neighboring town in which the school I was assigned lies still only has 3,400 people. If I were to lie to a recruit, what would he do? Come home and tell all his family and friends that I was full of crap. But if I were to shoot it straight, he would come home and say the opposite. I chose the latter, and I coasted through my final year out there through referrals not just from that county, but their friends and relatives in surrounding areas would make the drive from bigger cities to come see me.
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    I'm sure my police, mil, and trucking recruiters told a fib or two, but i am not upset about it
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    Schneider didn't lie to me some years ago. Everything they told me was true. When I quit they
    rented me a car to go home 200 miles away. And I've worked for them only 16 months.
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