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    Aug 23, 2008
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    Aaaaand... we're off!
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    Mar 17, 2010
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    Be careful with your cash and personal belongings. I used to be with CRE as a phase 1 trainer and some of the students I would pickup from SLC had their cash or laptop(s) stolen. Also major bed bug problems.
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  3. Chapin

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    Feb 20, 2014
    I really didn't want to drive for England either after 7 years off the road but so far as I'm about to complete my phase 2 training, it hasn't been as bad as I was led to believe..... I'm sure that my previous experience help me a lot and I understand many positive changes have been implemented in the past few months.... Having said that, I doubt very much I'll be staying after my 6 month comitment is up......not a solo friendly company.......teams/training is push and so far that's what I've done..... I have been training my phase 1 and 2 trainers, lol, a scary thought...... Drivers with 6 months or less experience have no businesses training has been OK.....$9 to $10/hr while on duty or driving, in my case I've done well...good luck to you....
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  4. jakebrake188

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    Jul 16, 2014
    This company is just as bad as cut rate insurance companies.
  5. Danimal09

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    Jul 4, 2014
    shiprock nm
    I just finished the schooling and they wanted me to get in a greyhound and go to Cheyenne to meet my trainor well then I was told he might not be there till next week. Well that's to long to sit without a paycheck thanks everyone for your help. Does anyone know of a good company that will take recent cdl grads
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    You "don't wanna hear stay away run"? "Just helpful information"?
    What the hail do you consider a warning, negativity? Here at TTR we call that the TRUTH. Now that you've attended the C.R.E. Adventure, who's advice was more accurate, the posts that told you what you wanna hear, or the posts that provided sage advice that you didn't wanna hear?
    Live and learn.

    Perhaps when you reach 53+ years of age you'll have learned that your attitude and determination don't always get'cha where you wanna go, -- especially at C.R. England. There are good reasons why C.R.E. is considered the worst of the bottom feeder Big truck truckin' companies, and they deserve the bad reputation. C.R.E. hasn't changed their scandalous, unethical business practices in years. They continue to mistreat, misrepresent, flat out lie, use bait and switch tactics and encourage newBees with three months total experience to lease a Big truck from them and become "your own boss", and train other newBees that the Sons-0-Chester charge trainers a fee for the privileged of having a newBee tear up the Big truck that you are making payments on. Rent a trainee to drive while the trainer sleeps. How well can a trainer train while asleep?
    Truth is, all the trainer wants is an extra log book so the wheels can keep on turnin'--- or they can't make the monthly payments on the Big truck they're basically renting from a leasing company that the Sons-0-Chester are in bed with.
    The Sons-0-Chester have an attitude and determination, too. They're determined to extract as much money from each and every individual who attends their training as they possibly can.

    What would y'all say if y'all were informed that C.R.E. DEPENDS on a 225% turnover rate?
    Yes, you read that correctly.

    How'd that work out for you?
    How's your attitude now? Still positive?

    Why do you suppose so many are "putting england down", compared to those you "hear a lot of good things" from? Notice the level of experience those who you hear a lot of good things from compared to the level of experience those who are putting C.R.E. down. Notice that those who have years of experience in the Big truck truckin' industry are the ones "putting england down"? Why do you suppose those in the know say what they say? Because they're mean-spirited and just wanna pick on a Big truck truckin' company? Or they know the truth and are tryin' to prevent others from falling for the bovine excrement C.R.E. dishes out?

    So, how far did your "positive attitude" and determination get'cha with C.R. England? Were those who are "putting england down" exaggerating?
    What advice would you give to someone considering goin' with C.R. England now?

    Instead of askin' for "only positive feedback", --- "just helpful insight", try seeking the truth.
    "Helpful insight" isn't "putting england down".
    Lies don't constitute "helpful insight".

    Don't shoot the messenger and ignore the message.
    Sometimes the truth hurts.
    But the truth is what it is, --- believe it or not.

    Good luck.
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    Jan 14, 2014
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    That question has been asked countless times on this forum, so you might try doing a little research on this topic and then start asking for some specific help.
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    Aug 2, 2012
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    I never said a good attitude would get you where you wanna go, but it sure helps. How far are you driving without a steering wheel?
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  9. Danimal09

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    Jul 4, 2014
    shiprock nm
    Well that good attitude and positive attitude I went in with got me through and I stuck with it to get my cdl. And the instructors do teach u how to drive the England family is the problem and how they treat everyone that works there I'm still positive I'm not going to let that place bring me down its only goingto make mw so much better
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    Aug 28, 2011
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    Tons of companies will take new CDL grads.

    Navajo Express - APU's & inverters already installed.
    Halvor Lines
    Melton Truck Lines
    Western Express
    Southern Refrigerated Transport
    Pride Transport

    There's more if I can figure it out.

    Central Oregon Truck Company
    Prime Inc.
    Mesilla Valley Transportation

    Submit lots of online applications! Then pick through the job offers, because you will get many offers.
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