Crete/Shaffer Trucking

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by bewildered, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. bowlwinkle

    bowlwinkle Heavy Load Member

    Aug 27, 2008
    Ankeny, IA
    I'm sorry about your experience, but glad everything has worked out for you.
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  3. jonesy61550

    jonesy61550 Bobtail Member

    Sep 29, 2011
    Heh heh...not to make any fun of ...but if your handle is any indication of your height...I think I just seen you pass thru the Indy terminal, you'd stopped to talk to the gals in the office...I was completing benefits forms as I am a newb with Shaffer. Someone mentioned you were at 6'10", and I was like, "...yeah...I seen him...the basketball player he was..."; "..I just know who drove the courtesy car before me..." he quipped.

    Anyhow, as the vets will say ..."..hope to catch you further on down the road sometime...", EJ :biggrin_2556:
  4. lawabiding10

    lawabiding10 Bobtail Member

    Sep 21, 2011
    Louisville, Kentucky

    not only that but they lie to you because they dont care and you are just a number to them people and telling someone about it falls on deaf ears.
  5. youngone

    youngone Bobtail Member

    Sep 26, 2010
    Denver, CO
    You know people have claimed very few problems with this company I am only 16 but I grew up every summer riding in my grandfathers freightliner sence I was 4 and they may be hiring but they are forcing the older drivers into retirement my grandfather is only 57 and they forced him to retire so they arent exactly over crowding their company. The company owner is actually a friend of my grandfather he is exceedingly nice man it is a good company that I trust and alot of companies trust Crete, Shaffer and HUNT transportation and If I do choose to drive a truck which I think about almost every day They will be the first companies I talk to
  6. Wicked Wizard

    Wicked Wizard Heavy Load Member

    Jul 15, 2008
    Northeast PA
    Maybe you should do something else besides drive for a living. I don't think this type of job is for you. Maybe something 9 - 5 with a few chatty girls working in an office so you can get some gossip and still go home on time with a small raise at the end of the year. You'd probably still complain but there would be a few girls to listen to you. :yes2557:

    I also left Crete back in 2009 for lack of miles. The industry as a whole was slow so I do not blame Crete for this. It's the economy stupid!

    What really irritates me is all the crying some of you do on here. You complain about no hometime, then they create regional opportunities close to your house and you complain about miles. You say you hate large trucking companies and then one turns you down for job hopping and complain about them...

    I have read at least 2 different threads today where the "big Boss" said drivers were " a dime a dozen". You don't think alot of NON trucking companies think the same thing? Here is a little lesson for you. " Know your roll" Just drive the #### truck and do it as efficientally as you can.

    Trucking is trucking and it has to change just like everything else in this world is changing. You must learn to adapt, Nuff Said.
  7. SARGE1965

    SARGE1965 Bobtail Member

    Apr 5, 2012
    scranton, sc
    Well I read alot of the stuff on Shaffer but I got too say the CEO got the right format it just that some of the stuff needs too be deleted for sure. Now I just coming here from out of the Military and I got too say it bad when everybody on the team cann't get on the same page. I just got one problem with the company. We shouldn't have too wait 40 to 45 minute on a phone waiting for somebody too answer and this is no disrespect too the ppls in road service but if you don't have enought troop in the field you call up the commander and tell him what you need. I can't talk for anybody else but if this get me fired well be it. I broke down in Farmington, LI on Monday about 1100 hrs. call into break down Rusty thank you for fining me that place less thank Five miles away. My problem was I'm black men in a place I know I don't belong at nite. Nobody told me about any hotel or anything couldn't get anybody on the phone at all. I wasn't scare but I learn in the Military look for a exit route. So I call my brother which was 85 miles away too pick me up. At no time did anybody thought about picking up the phone too check and see how I was doing. I thank my dispatcher because he say if you don't complain nobody know what going on. I see one thing wrong I sorry too say you got too many CHIEF around here and no enough INDIANS. Will I hold this against the company in my choose too stay on I really don't know because you never leave your solider behind and I learn that in the Marines but what did they did too me. 24 hours pass and I never got a phone call at all. All company have problem but this a problem that need to be adjust ASAP because if I got to worry about my safety that not good at all. By the way I'm not into that right or wrong all I look for repairing something too make it better. So if the President of the company think I'm wrong for voicing my though I respect him enough to voice his also. I feel this could be one of the best place but it do need major change in a few Dept. So as we say in the Marines. SE FIDELS TOO ALL MY SHAFFER BROTHER AND SISTER. BECAREFUL OUT THERE ON THESE ROADS:biggrin_255:
  8. 91B20H8

    91B20H8 Road Train Member

    Oct 17, 2012
    The Heart of the North, Mi
    Semper Gumbi Sarge
  9. dawnio

    dawnio Bobtail Member

    Nov 16, 2012
    lol stop that,,,,,hey to tall try wilmer again ask for 1 of the afleetmgrs they will find this out for you...i do know the location just changed a few weeks ago
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