CRST left me stranded with no ride and no money

Discussion in 'CRST' started by Evelyn, Oct 10, 2011.

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    I assure you I make quite a bit more than the student rate, so although you pretend to know everything about the company, that was pretty ignorant statement
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    No such thing.
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    I worked for them (along with my wife) for about 6 months until my father got ill and I came home and took care of him until he passed away. We hardly ever sat and got every load delivered with no freight claims and always on time. The best #### dispatcher there has the last name of Livingston and goes by Livvy. It was what it was, never claimed to be anything but so my experience there was no problem except the whole teaming thing sux and will never do it again as you never really sleep good at all and walk around like a zombie. Easy job too, mostly drop and hook and about 20% live unload/load. I do nothing but flatbed now.
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    When my dad and I was with CRST we had a dispatcher that was golden treated you with respect and if something wasn't right and we disagreed he would back us 100% shame he left for heartland.. we did van expedited avgd 5500 a week that's all my dad basically wanted being his age. CRST was great for us thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence a few times but we was wrong.. even Conway Truckload isn't worth crap in my opinion since they moved to Joplin but that's another thread.
  5. Choosing to go home is just that, entirely your choice! I was forced to leave due to health problems and admittedly crst did little to help (a 75 dollar advance towards a 200 dollar bus ticket), but choosing to leave simply because you're impatient at the truck stop is hardly going to gain you sympathy with me. Part of being a trucker is abiding by the universal rules; aim high in steering, deliver your loads on time and hurry up and wait!
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    There is no such thing as a verbal contract, between two individuals perhaps, between an individual and a company however is a different story.
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    Well were are you running out of? If these people suck so much ... give me some advice ... please :yes2557:
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    Most of these "Newbie companies" are about the same once you weigh everything out. Just write down the pros and cons, and go with the company that fits what you are looking for.Make your own decision, and do not think you will get rich your first year.
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    So what about the 2.00 a mile there offering
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    Check dates buddy, the last post on this thread was Jan 2012 lol
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