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    Sep 30, 2012
    they are paying him 26 cents a mile , please look at the pay stub, which allot of drivers dont do as i found out and dont understand how the pay works.
    1)26 cents pay for mile
    2)splint in 13 mile pay
    3)11 cents perdiem
    4)2 cents to crst to pay u perdiem
    these are based off total mile per load . so if he and his co driver drive a load at 1000 miles your husband gets half those miles at 500 miles
    then the pay above is used to pay him.
    thats if he is under contract and takes the perdiem.
    no one can really live off that amount of money but we have to , because we are under contract. thats why allot of drivers leave after there 8 months with the company.
    but what i seen is allot of drivers dont even pay attention to there pay stub to really understand how the pay works and how the perdiem affects there pay.
    look it up is it better to take the perdiem or wait at the end of the year and you take it on your taxes. do the research you find some suprissing result and it all depends on the state your from
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    Oct 9, 2012
    I'm getting furious with heir perdiem. They cut my pay litterally in half for their perdiem rate and do not allow an opt out unless their computer reports it would save you money. In actuality they are stealing half my pay to give what he IRS gives naturally. I have contacted a lawyer and class action is being prepared. Nobody has the right to steal youe money and tell you to deal with it. On the bright side, lawyer says I have a good case.
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