Cummins ISX Overhaul

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    Critical words "if that". My son in law (he's more of a son!) had a 2010 Mack Pinnacle with an MP8 engine rated at 415HP and no rebuild but 720K on it, drove it to 780K and needed more power. Asked a Mack dealer if they could do it - Yes. And they did to 485HP; 600 miles and the valves blew. No Life History Report run prior to or after up-rate; no road test. Didn't discover the 68 hours over-speed. We're in court. Bought a 2003 Kenworth with a rebuilt CAT15 in it. First problem - fuel. He added tank cleaner and replaced the filter. Problem came back told him to buy 6 filters, add tank cleaner and keep filters until he could cut them open. Then the guy at a Luv's washed the tanks; no more problems. Next issue, not running "right". Went to a Kenworth dealer in Nashville, replaced three wiring harnesses. BUT the tech ran a Life History Report FIRST! He went over the report with my son and they made a list of "must do", "should do" "do when you have the money". Replaced the harnesses - well the rubber does oxidize after 15 years - BUT while the valve cover was off he adjusted the springs and checked the valves. Great dealer; wish I could remember his name. One more problem; every time he comes off the road, the truck is washed including the engine - he got a bath from a pin hole in one of the air springs. Easy way to find leaks and often cheap to fix. Runs like a Swiss watch for 20K so far. Lessons learned on buying a used truck: 1) run the Life History Report before doing engine work/ purchasing, 2) get on the ground and look up for what shines, 3) Immediately change engine oil, differential fluids, coolant etc. Unless you have the records you have no idea when it was done; 4) change ALL filters; 5) grease every fitting. I used to drive a car - lot. When work was to be done, I got a list of parts and I got the used parts back; message delivered, never had a problem. I am NOT a driver, just a fellow that spent 54 years building and fixing companies. Hope this helps.
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