CURRENT SRT DRIVERS!!! Can you tell me a little about your job?

Discussion in 'SRT' started by Wolfen666, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Wolfen666

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    Nov 4, 2012

    Well, I am looking to into SRT. I pass their Texarkana, AR terminal twice a week (running a Detroit, MI to Arlington, TX GM run) and I always see the trucks and they are quite nice. I drive a ###### 9400 right meow, so those trucks you boys have sure are nice.

    I am looking for an OTR job that will give me decent equipment, allow pets and will pay a reasonable pay for the work I do.

    I started out with USA Truck and after then only sending me home for 4 days after 2 months out at a time, not paying me for loads I completed and equipment failures I moved on to a company where I am dedicated, hauling General Motors parts. Gone 4 days, home 2-3, but I cannot have a pet. Quite frankly I hate paying rent, utilities, car payment, gas, insurance... ORT was awesome and a great money saver for me. Looking to possibly go back to it.

    What are the runs like? USA Truck forced me New England for the entire 6 months I worked there before quiting by bobtailing from Newark, NJ to Vandalia, OH to deliver their truck so I am in no way looking to ever get trapped on the East Coast again.

    I am not picky really, I will go anywhere, any weather, and type of back I can give the old college try. I just care that they keep me in a DOT compliant truck, let me have my dog for safety and companionship (I was assaulted by a tow truck driver during a breakdown with my current company that doesn't allow pets which is why I simply MUST have a company that allows a dog) and will actually pay me for the loads I complete. I don't mind dispatcher #########, or a lack of hometime.

    Can anyone tell me who works there if it is worth giving it a try?
  2. bigdad7

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    Jun 6, 2010
    you will be on elogs as a company driver ....i believe there is a 500 dollar deposit for the dog plus shot records etc.....i mostly run west coast and back or upper midwest to southeast and back ....though for the last month have done nothing but dallas to so cal.....might explain the name but i am also an 0/0 and told them my truck seems to stall out east of ohio so we have an understanding .....from what i hear they run their drivers on elogs up to their 70 all the time and i average around 3000 miles a week myself is all i know
  3. psychocreep

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    Dec 31, 2007
    Flagstaff, Az
    Pretty much what Bigdad said. SRT is a pretty good company, not to say you won't have your ups and downs with them, but it's been pretty good for me so far. I'm an O/O as well though.

    If you sign on as a company driver, you'll definitely be on elogs and it's forced dispatch. It's most definitely worth a chat with recruiting.
  4. beboppinbigun1

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    Oct 5, 2009
    I am currently a SRT company driver, I started here in august. I am not very happy here, my miles have not been what i was promised. Was promised 2800 mile per week avg. have only been avg 1900.was told the loads avg 1200 per run but i have only seen a few runs over 1000 miles since i have been here. I run what they give me, I have complained about low miles and short runs but has done no good. They do allow pets 500.00 deposit at 50.00 a week. they charge company drivers for pre pass, if you can get one. if you have a pet you will not get one of the nice pete or kw. either a freightliner or prostar, no choice just what they give you. I have one of the prostar and it sucks problems with the diesel particulate filter, electrical sys. If you have to put your truck in the shop in Texarkana plan on at least 4 days down time. I will say the people at texarkana are nice, and the terminal is ok. I leave it to you to make your own decision for me not a terrible company but not a good one either. i have met drivers here who are doing well ans others who are not. the one time i took home time since i was here they were good about getting me home on time no complaints there and you can take it any where you choose. but over all for me it is not working out and i will be leaveing here after Thanksgiving. They might be a good fit for you only giving my perspective. Good luck too you.
  5. psychocreep

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    Dec 31, 2007
    Flagstaff, Az
    Hey Bebop,

    Have you tried getting a new DM? I know, I had a problem with my first DM and finally kicked him to the curb. My current DM freaking rocks and for that reason alone, I'm making more money now than with previous DM.

    Just a suggestion.
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  6. Truckmaster37

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    Jan 1, 2013
    I'm not disgruntled about working at SRT, when I first started I had a cousin who passed away and they did get me home well enough in time for the funeral, the home time issues as compared to other companies who send you in the opposite direction every time you make a request is like night and day which is one of the things I like about working here. I also had a bad DM when I got here, kicked him to the curb, moved on and things were better for a while but the thing that gets me so upset is the forced dispatching/bad routing. The only way I would consider staying on at SRT at this point would be as a O/O, but I've also seen the trucks offered for lease and prefer not to go that route either. There is also inconsistent mileage, some weeks are better than others, like someone else said, putting your truck in the shop can cost you up to a week off the road. If you get hurt on the job, I'd suggest requesting home time instead of workers comp because they'll have you working around the yard on what's called "Light Duty". They will find ways to go around a doctors recommendation so they can get some work out of you instead of letting you recuperate and you can also expect to be drug tested at least twice before returning to work. For new drivers there is mandatory per diem where they take 3cpm from you for the 1st 90 days, after that you can opt out if you want. Being an OTR company driver doesn't mean all you do is OTR, occasionally you'll be given inter-modal loads without being trained to do them. I sat at the train yard for 4 hours my first time because if you're not in the system as UIIA qualified, they will not let you drop the trailer and the next time I sat there 2 hours because the company didn't bill the load for rail travel. Like someone else said, you will have your ups and downs with this company as there are good office people as well as bad ones. The key is getting a good dispatcher or DM who understands you, how you like to roll and if he/she can keep you busy, maybe you won't have to deal with the night dispatch crew whereas you might feel like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Like the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's cash, so they might be good for you to try.
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  7. pick

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    Jun 25, 2011
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    Hey Truckmaster!! A couple questions for you as a Co. Driver - what was the cpm you started with? I've never done the 'per diem' thing, what's that all about? - glad there's an opt out option though. The UIIA qual - how does SRT address that issue?
    (SRT is on my short list of companies for a number of reasons, I got the call from a recruiter this morning and figured I'd try to do more background - hence the questions)

    Thanks for the time!

  8. psychocreep

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    Dec 31, 2007
    Flagstaff, Az

    I know there are happy company drivers here, but to be completely honest with you. I've met more unhappy company drivers than anything else.

    Because I'm an O/O I can't tell you the truth behind the per diem thing (I didn't have to partake in that) and to be honest well, I don't think I was in that part of class.. lol. O/O got to leave the room pretty much whenever we felt like it after the whole drug screen and paperwork chores were done.

    Who's your recruiter? If it's Shannon, she'll tell you straight up what things are and aren't. Shannon is the only one there in recruiting worth anything in my opinion, but then again. The recruiters here are no different than any other company. They're all nice nice to get you signed on, then act like you're a pest if you want to talk to them afterwards.

    Don't get me wrong I still like the company and my DM (I ended up with a new one, by no choice of mine) has me running good, but I think this holiday season kicked the crap out of everyone in the office.
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    Dec 3, 2012
    Looking for a current Driver for SRT. I was excepted for there orientation, Looking for info on there orientation process..
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    Aug 15, 2013
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