D.O.T. physical is a joke!!!!

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    You will never see perfect human specimens of fitness and beauty that comes along with those people living on a higher plane than this old worn out driver. In fact pushing a 40 ton vehicle down the highway is a waste of what God gave to them. They are better off going to say the Olympics to fight for the glory, honor and prestige offered to those who are victorious. IF they can run 100 meters and set a world record? Awesome. Not me. I'll be along by and by clomping along with steel toe boots.

    If you really want to know your hearing situation visit a licensed audiologist he or she will generate a formal chart of your exact hearing capabilities as long you are sent into a quiet cell, and I MEAN quiet. How quiet? Well let's say this.. I can hear a rolling tape deck inside one those rooms that isolate me from the entire building and it's steel frame that is always in motion and flexing to the winds etc. (My hospital, Mercy in downtown Baltimore I think 15 floors. It's a what i call a living building.

    There is so much human activity pounding on it that the steel beams carry a special set of noises and resonance vibration that drives me crazy. Again stick you into that sound proof cell close the door with a trigger in your hand and wait until you can hear the various notes. First the rough bass to high treble then they find out what Db volume limitations you are at and finally work its way across the chart as a final check against your ears. By now you are wanting OUT of there. Those sound proof rooms to me is a form of luxury it's hard to explain. The easiest way I can explain to you or anyone what true peace and quiet can mean to a deaf person, watch the movie "Children of a Lessor God" made in Nova Scotia Canada due to very specific laws related to some of the content inside that movie.

    If you do own a CDL, but not ready for the DOT Medical Card just yet, go to the DMV and swear out a Tier Two document and sign it. What you are doing is keeping your CDL from being downgraded and telling the state you will get a valid DOT medical card before going back to Tier One interstate and intrastate commerce. Otherwise you probably will have to do this all over again.
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    What did he whisper in your ear for you to react like this:)
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    I won't repeat it, but my when I told my therapist about the whole ordeal, he handed me a doll and said 'Show me on the doll where he touched you':p
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