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Discussion in 'Dart' started by ozark71, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. IntristicValue

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    Jun 25, 2014
    Sounds like DART is a horrible place to work, Ozark71..... Sounds like you people play God and get caught up in rumors.

    You were selling me on this company that you are probably a recruiter for till you started talking about the guy hitting his wife. My wife is currently telling the entire world that I beat her up 10 seconds after I said I was leaving her and began to walk away. She followed me and tried to hit me in the back of the head with a golf club. When I pulled on it to get if from her, she caught the back of my hand. This is a woman who nearly stabbed my 4 year old child with a steak knife in the eye because I flushed her marijuana down the toilet.

    But, none of that matters because the state's attorney has charged me with domestic battery and till I have my day in court and beat the charge. Meanwhile, the whole world is treating me like I am a piece of #### wife beater as f I did something wrong. I even had to fire my first lawyer because she was trying to screw up my case so I got found guilty because she believed my wife. No one seems to notice that a former offensive and defensive lineman that is 6 foot 2, 325 pounds, that used to bench press 350 pounds in 10 rep sets in his playing days is being alleged to have beaten his wife with closed fists and yet by some miracle she doesn't have a mark on her anywhere.. Oh no.... evidence.... what is that ?

    People get caught up in drama because in their boring repetitive lives they need something to talk about...

    So, this recruiter here... Ozark71 heard a rumor that spread around the watercooler in the office and everyone went on a witch hunt to fire the guy and his wife because they believed what they heard was true.

    So thanks for letting me know that a simple rumor started by someone can cost you your job at Dart... I just got a call from them and was checking them out to see what kind of company they are... Sounds to me like all someone has to do is tell a office worker a lie and you folks will scurry around and find a way to fire someone when there is no proof or evidence that what they were accused of is true.

    Dart was so concerned for the wife, and she didn't want their help to take a bus to be homeless and live in a shelter.... So they fired her and her husband... Because that doesn't sound like Dart was trying to help her. It sounds like they were trying to ## her.

    Helping her would have been oh say.... offering her a job around the office?... Setting her up with an apartment ?.... Not go live in a homeless shelter and make it impossible for her to get alimony because her husband doesn't have a job.

    and then the guy who had a heart attack and died... his wife couldn't afford a tombstone. Why couldn't she afford a tombstone ?.... Because DART probably didn't pay her hard working well liked husband enough money to have anything saved up ?

    Oh and I love the stories of all the drivers who are gone all year long and on the odd occasion when they have a dying mother or a holiday they would like to be home for and how DART goes out of their way to allow them one or two days a year to be with their families... !!! Dart is really giving to allow their slaves a day here or there to be with their loved ones..

    Dart must have been such a high paying and satisfactory gig that you left to change the field of work you do after all the years with the company....
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    Dec 10, 2014
    omaha , ne
    i was at dart from 88 to 91 and thought i was treated fairly well but they always were on the cheap side as far as pay goes and there always seemed to be a select group that got most of the good loads while the rest just kinda survived ....still got friends that deal with dart and doesent sound like much has changed either ...also talked to a recruiter in 08 when i bought another truck and was thinking about leaseing it to them but the recruiter was really rude and had a tude so i hung up on her .
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