Dd13 injector issues help

Discussion in 'Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Mechanics Forum' started by wtokhi, Jun 19, 2024.

  1. wtokhi

    wtokhi Light Load Member

    Nov 3, 2017
    Have a 2016 cascadia with a dd13, it came in for codes spn 652 fmi 3 changing to fmi 5 and 651, 653, 656. It was very random and not on any injector in specific. It would misfire when hot. Checked everything and eventually changed the ECM, same issues afterwards, injector harnesses were changed as well as complete engine harness but the issue persisted. Just changed all the injectors, finished regen the first time with no codes and then code 2797 fmi 3 popped up for injector 1. Cuts out fine and is working. But keeps popping up. Don’t know what else to look at everything’s new.
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