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    So as some of you know I am moderating a sell and swap page on FB. There is this one gal of about 20 years whom posts a get rich quick deal. Some what of a pyramid deal. If you buy from me, and sell to some one else you too will make a profit. So I PM her and tell her ad was deleted and please dont post anymore of these ads. 3 minutes later she is trying to flood the group with her ad. All I have to do is find one. There is this wonderful popup that comes up and asks what level of block shall be done. IE stop any current posts, remove any posts she may have hidden under her name and so on. I clicked on the block user when there were only 3 posts. By the time I clicked on done, she had 12 posts up.

    I feel for those of you out there moderating this group. You may not have the same popups. Yet sheesh! When the kids are at play. sigh
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