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    Nov 10, 2018
    Well, the account I am on is kinda crapping out, or I should say the carrier that has the account has other accounts that have crapped out so they have completely filled it with their own trucks and left me wondering how long that is going to last and what to do. To be honest I never thought it would last this long with me being tied to this account and it is kind of a blessing in disguise because I long to get out and tied down to one dedicated run that takes all my time has grown old, it will be hard to match the $$ amount on the open market and I know that, but being tied to one run 5 days a week (now 2-3 days a week), mostly at night, leaves me wanting something else even if I can't make the same amount of $$ I have a couple different options to rent a trailer in the short term one is a 53' combo step the other is a 48' combo flat. There is advantages to each of them, just kinda wondering which way to go. I am leaning towards the step, well just because it is a step and I think they are more useful, the flat would probably offer more freight, and would also keep me on the good side with this account since if I am in the area I can cover overages when they happen. They are each around the same amount of money per month, just looking for good reasons to not go get the stepdeck next week. Which way would you guys turn, and yes I have looked at buying one also, but waiting to see if prices keep dropping on them, and don't want to drop all my cash available on some used p.o.s. if I don't have to
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    Nov 12, 2016
    Waxahachie, Texas
    My personal opinion would be to go with a step deck and make sure that you have a real pair of load levelers. I call about loads all the time and they tell me they will not load a step without factory style load levelers.

    I think the step deck opens you up to different types of freight ranging from general, palletized freight to equipment and vehicles and anything with wheels and tracks.

    I will say this though... I am biased because I pull a step deck. I have owned a couple of flatbeds over the years but I always want to go back to the step deck. I like my options for freight with the step.
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