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    Dec 19, 2008
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    After being out of work for almost two (2) years with this sluggish economy, I had joined with a Trucking Agency that hires drivers out to companies in need of drivers. I was pulling for a regional supermarket chain in which my company was hired to supply drivers ( the chains drivers were either on vacation or were on personal time off) it lasted for a short time. then finally last week 5/18/2010 my company called me and said they had a night time gig, I said I'd try it.
    my unemployment is almost over and a better income of more than 360 a week would come in handy. I was trained in a week on this job (delivery of auto parts to local delerships in the region.) the good part about this gig, is no supervisors breathing down your neck, I use a qual-com only to input my arrival time the piece count i deliver, and the other good part about this gig is I have keys to the 8 dealerships that I deliver to from the hours of 11pm to about 9 to 10 am, then there is like no traffic on the roads at these early hours of the mornings so Big Rigging it is easy in and out of lots and onto roads without cars,buses ect..until when I return to my compound. my time sheet is tracked via the qual-com. the only bad about this job is the hours as I'm a person who likes being awake during the day time I love sun when its nice out I have to get to sleep by 2 pm on the weekdays... then stay awake when i get home on Saturday morning......but all in all its not a bad gig........:biggrin_2556::biggrin_25515:
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    That type of work is OK. I did it delivering cut flowers to florists years ago. But remember, there are some bad people out there, especially at night. I had a friend who delivered to store doors at night like you describe, and he was robbed and nearly beaten to death. SOB's watched him for several nights, and they thought his key would open the rest of the doors to the store. They jumped him, took his keys, robbed him, beat him, left him to die. No one else was around at 2 am. Owner of store found him next morning. Be careful.
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    Watervliet? I married an Italian from that area, has several relatives in Albany area. I delivered meat for years to back doors inclucing Las Vegas, Phx, LA, Tuscon, El Paso, and Dallas and I never had 1 incident. There are some good people out there.

    He'd steal a hot stove and come back for the smoke
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