Demand for Secure Truck Lots?

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by ABfish, Jan 29, 2021.

  1. ABfish

    ABfish Bobtail Member

    Nov 8, 2017
    The other thread about secure truck parking in Las Vegas got my wheels turning.

    Is there demand for secure truck parking on a monthly basis? I'm talking a fenced, gravel lot with keycard gate access. I see lots of trucks parked in fields and beside houses in my area. I also see trucks parked on dead end streets on weekends.

    My shop is near a Schneider lot, with lots of trucks in and out every day. The Schneider lot has a couple of portajons and a small dumpster.

    But I don't see anything for the owner operator or the guy that takes his truck home but can't keep it at his house.

    I'd like to hear what you guys think. I'm in southeastern NC.
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  3. TheLoadOut

    TheLoadOut Road Train Member

    Nov 6, 2019
    I think there is a huge need for such a place. Paved, with a secure gate, restroom facilities. Light maintenance allowed, don't need gallons of oil/coolant being spilled.
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  4. kemosabi49

    kemosabi49 Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    Jan 13, 2013
    SW Arkansas
    To be a secure lot you will need to at least have 24hr video coverage. That will also help when someone tears up your key card gate or backs over a fence. Because sooner or later.....
  5. Chr1s

    Chr1s Bobtail Member

    Jan 24, 2021
    Half of our drop yards are secured lots shared with other carriers. I see them around in most cities and industrial towns, but not everywhere. I think the guys parking their trucks in a field or an empty parking lot of a closed store in town are just cheapskates and don't care about security. Most of them are company drivers that I've seen.

    Also there are quite a few OOs that park at our terminals that don't even work for the company. All you have to do is ask around where you live. Everybody has a price.
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  6. bad-luck

    bad-luck Road Train Member

    Nov 16, 2013
    Baltimore, Maryland
    There is a demand. I am an O/O and I pay $100 a month to park my truck and trailer at a small trucking company. There are numerous fenced in yards that I have seen where trucks park. I have seen signs on the fence with a number to call for parking.
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  7. Midwest Trucker

    Midwest Trucker Road Train Member

    Aug 31, 2018
    I’d say lots of demand but not worth the money. There would be huge private parking businesses spring up along major highways if so.

    If you already have existing area graveled or paved then it may be worth a shot though. Starting from scratch would be massive costs.
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  8. Rideandrepair

    Rideandrepair Road Train Member

    Aug 8, 2015
    You should be able to look around town to get an idea.Judging by the Trucks parked in Store lots. We have quite a few around here. Lots of O/Os. Going rate is $100 a mo. for a mud hole without electricity. $150 for gated cement lot with electricity. Seems to be a pretty good Business. Just have to empty garbage, and keep oil collected in barrels. Not always easy. I dispose of my oil and tires. Some just pile it up by the trash cans, and throw tires behind someone else’s Truck. It’s a problem. Comes with the territory unfortunately.
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  9. 86scotty

    86scotty Road Train Member

    Aug 27, 2017
    The only way I think this would work is if you own a business already with extra space and there are people around a lot of the time.

    Also, start small. Sell spots only to friends and friends of friends, or carefully vet them somehow.

    The place I park I share with 6 other trucks. It's a gravel spot under power lines (can't be built on) behind a small warehouse type business. There are people around. There is a dumpster so we use it. Everyone watches out for everyone else and there's no expense or need of a fence, cameras or other stuff to keep up with.
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  10. SmallPackage

    SmallPackage Road Train Member

    Dec 20, 2019
    Marion Texas
    Some areas/municipalities charge higher taxes for storage facilities that cater to motorized vehicles. Rv’s and boats are excluded. 4 months ago a Cousin just finished up the first phase of an 8 acre rv and boat storage facility right next door to me using my east deer fence as a barrier. Covered and non covered. Plan is to keep adding covered buildings as needed until full. She is at 10% capacity. Once she hits 75% a 20ft tall wall is going up on that side between us so the security lights will not brighten my night sky any longer. There is still 100 acres of cornfield on her east side to expand.

    Her and the husband keep all their construction and farm equipment stored there toward the back near a pond that is split between us to make it look like it is not part of the business to not raise questions with county property tax assessor.

    She’s not sure if allowing active truck parking is worth it. She has nothing against them. She grew up in trucks and runs 2 belly dumps and a low boy in her business. It’s just a money thing and she would most likely have to keep them seperate from the other rv’s and trailers for liability reasons unless she knows or trusts the truck owner.
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