detroit 60 series seems to be running flat or no power

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    A Turbo ether works or it does not it is not an item you change at a mileage or because someone thinks it could be bad.
    If you have a low power problem the first thing you want to test is the CAC, Charge Air Cooler. Then the fuel preasure and restriction, air filter, exhaust restriction, leaks on the CAC piping and intake manifold, wrong purge valve on the air dryer, and you may need a valve set.
    That should get you going.
    You also want to do a test to be sure you do not have anything draging, brakes use an infered temp gun to check that, Mismatched tires, and rear axle alignment.
    The turbo you can remove the exhaust piping and look with a mirror to the ends of the turbine and see if it is damaged, also if you pull it to one side, and turn it, does it squeak, if so then it may have a problem.
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