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  1. falcon34

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    Apr 29, 2008
    columbus, oh
    I started at DM Bowman in September for a local flatbed job that pays $72 per load (2 loads per day) with a guarantee of $125 if you didn't work that day or only did one load (Mon-Fri). We usually work 4 days and got $125 guarantee, so it wasn't too bad but we worked around 12-13hrs per day so not the greatest pay to begin with. Well this past week my Driver manager just told us that she is taking away are guarantee. Two days this week I only got one load and one day I was off. So this means instead of $125 for 3 days=$375 I got $72, $72, and $0 for a difference of $231. So they just lowered my check by $231 this week. No advance warning or anything. I'm sure some DM Bowman manager got a christmas bonus for this change in policy. Another issue I have with them is there Health Insurance- $108 per week, then another $15 for dental, $5 for vision and more if you want disability. Is this average now for Trucking Company's. I should have known they were a bad company when they want to charge me for my Employee Handbook and various other materials they hand out during orientation if I quit within 180 days. Lowest paying and worst company I have ever driven for in 13 years of driving. I made more in the early 90's.
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  2. falcon34

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    Apr 29, 2008
    columbus, oh
    To illustrate how crappy the pay is last week I ran two loads that paid .17 per mile. I ran from Washington Court House to Warren OH which is over 400 miles for $72 and from Washington Court House to Clarksburg WV which is also over 400 miles for $72. Another driver went from Washington Court House OH to Summersville WV which is 440 miles for $72. So Mexican wages at DM Bowman. I also got the big holiday christmas pay of $50, yippie!!. Cheap ########. And yes I am looking for another job.
  3. mademistakesb4

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    Oct 10, 2008
    I worked for them in 2006 and of course other then my dispatcher being a real old you know what I had a little bit better experience with them then you albeit not by much. My checks were usually between 480 - 590 after taxes and thats with no advances or anything coming out. The pay was not the greatest but I just needed a close to home company to get some more experience with so I accomplished my goal with them. I will tell you though even when the economy improves they are not a company you will make alot with so when things improve you may want to consider a company change.
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    Jul 15, 2007
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    can I assume you're hauling lowes loads? you couldn't pay me $500 a DAY to haul those. when I worked for coastal transport, I would often start out the week hauling a lowes load (I live near one of their dist. facilities.) those are the WORST, most time consuming loads to secure.

    have you people still not yet figured out that the days of being able to make a good living in trucking are gone forever? and there's really no point in continuing to beech about it. either these companies find a way to save money, or they go out of business.

    there is also no point in having an issue with "their" health insurance. first of all, nobody is forcing you to buy it. second of all, I doubt that bowman is the one running the plan. they're a trucking company, not a health insurance company. and it's also not unreasonable for them to expect reimbursement of expenses related to hiring if you don't work for them for a certain period of time. most trucking companies do that.
  5. Tankergirl80

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    Jan 7, 2009
    West Texas
    I worked for DM Bowman for 3yrs in their pneumatic bulk division in York, PA. No, they aren't the greatest company and their insurance does suck but I never had crappy checks like that. We were paid by the mile, load and unload pay, weight incentives and weekend pay. I can tell you that they will cut your pay without notice. Winter of '07-'08 they took our weight incentive from $10 to $5, took away drop and hook pay, and weekend pay. (it was paying $10 per load Saturday and Sunday, they made it only pay onetime $15 on Sunday) They did bring pay back up before I quit (because I moved half way across the country) but it's still isn't fair to do that to people. Another thing they do that I didn't agree with is when work slows they won't officially lay anyone off so you can't collect unemployment.
    It wasn't too terribly bad, but then again my best friends worked there. One as the operations manager and the other as a dispatcher......:yes2557:
    Draw your own conclusions......:biggrin_255:
  6. browntrout03

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    Dec 28, 2009
    i recently worked for dm bowman. they sold the company very well .when i started driving i saw what the company was really about.rush rush rush to deliver load then sit sit sit!what a joke 250.00 dollar pay check. driver manager was not understanding or supportive. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY NEW DRIVERS!
  7. LadyTrucker99

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    Jan 15, 2008
    Lexington, NC
    I also worked at DM Bowman for bout a year as line haul driver out of NC--I really cant complain too much--if you did your job safely and on time--you got the miles. When they changed our dm's to williamsport--i was leary bout it but I think i Had one of the best ones. He was awesome. I avg'd 670-900 weekly being home every weekend. I did eventually change over to lowe's dedicated--home everyday and hated every minute of it. Thats prolly a reason i am no longer there. Overall, my line haul experience with them was good. I loved my DM--he was the best imo and the nitetime guy was pretty cool too. Good luck to you guys--!
  8. falcon34

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    Apr 29, 2008
    columbus, oh
    Yep, I did the Lowes Division. I quit awhile back and I heard McElroy was taking most of their runs away. I heard they were much better with pay and treatment. I've been nursing school since trucking seems to have gone to the pits.
  9. coach01

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    Aug 2, 2009
    Martinburg, WV
    DM Bowman is not unlike any other trucking company. Some people become gainfully employed and stay for years, others manage to only make it for a few days or weeks.

    I have been employed there for nearly a year in the short haul van division and occaissionally pull the FED-EX doubles that the company has a contract for. For the most part, I am enjoying my time there.

    As far as the company goes, I can only tell you of my experiences. When you first start there in short haul, you will work 6 days a week mostly at night. You will be on duty anywhere from 60-70 hours a week. You won't be turning a lot of miles for the first couple of weeks. This is mainly because the company is just filling you out. If you prove yourself to them, do your job, make your deliveries on time, and not bother your D.M. with pointless phone calls you will be rewarded nicely. Basically, show them that you can handle the job and they will develop some trust in you and give you more miles and better runs. I now have a dedicated run.

    Honestly, the first couple of weeks there, I only brought home after taxes and health insurance, an average of $450. However, I am now bringing home nearly double. So, the money isn't bad once you prove yourself.

    As far as complaints slip seat in short haul and there are some guys there that just don't know how to clean up after themselves. There is nothing I hate more than getting in a dirty truck. This just starts my day off on a sour note. Other than that, the trucks are well maintained mechanically. They pride themselves on safety to the point to where I think they may go a little too far. For example, I was written up for a preventable accident when I did a Staples delivery. I had to blind side back into a dock off the street and I hit the curb. The mud flap got pinched between the curb and the tire and got tore off. I got written up for that and was made to feel like a piece of crap because of it. My opinion is scratches on bumpers, wheels, and things like mud flaps getting tore off happen. If they don't happen often, I don't think you should be charged with prevent ables for things like that. Slip seating is a pain in the butt in other ways. You always have to go into the building every day and see the dispatcher on duty to get your truck for the day, then to the shop to get your keys, then out to the lot to search for your truck. Often this process can take a 1/2 hour. I'd would much rather just go from the parking lot to my truck and get my dispatch over the Qualcomm, do my pretrip and get moving. Line-haul guys however, don't have to do this ritual daily.

    For the most part, the DM's are pretty cool. My 2 favorite DM's were former drivers that the company pushed back into driving recently. I didn't like that move at all. I was more comfortable doing my job knowing those 2, who have been through it all were sitting on the other end of the computer or the phone. (Tim and Ron are the best) However, the DM's will try to accomodate you with days off and extended weekends if you show that you are willing to do something for them in return, like work the next weekend for example. In other words, one favor leads to another.

    For the most part. I don't have any real complaints. I am enjoying my time thus far.
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  10. goodand fed up

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    Mar 26, 2011
    I've been here over 3 years now....they will change company policy and pay rate when they want to[ dropped saftey bonus and 3 cent speed] and most of the time you find out from other drivers...they say its an open door for drivers..but try it..they tell you that they are right and your wrong no matter what has fed up and looking for another job...i hoped it might get better but instead it just gets worse...when i was hired i was told weekends off...i barley get my 34 hr restart then its another week of stupid all over again
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