Do I even need a trucking school?

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    Oct 31, 2006
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    After reading about half of the posts in"Alert! Truck Driving Schools" it seems to me most of the schools around here(central florida) are scams. There are only 2 that I know of, Roadmaster in Orlando and TDI in Sanford which my wife and I started, did 1 weekend and my wifes mom got sick so we postponed till Dec.2. It will be 8 weekends of which we dont have to repeat the first. I have decided to not go back after seeing all these horror stories. We were not sure how we were gonna pay for it so the school director let us start without payment. He did get $400 out of us which I figure I wont get back. He also told us most companies will reimburse at a rate of $250 a month. The few I found that said how much they reimburse were $100 a month. Only place I heard $250 was from the TDI school director.Hmmm?BTW they charge $6000 per person+ $400 for hotel. The hotel is not refundable as far as I can tell. For my wife and myself I would be looking at almost $13000.

    One thing that bugged me was he wouldnt tell me the interest rate of the student loan. He kept saying that they all varied depending on your credit score and that he didnt know it yet. However, he did know that we did not qualify for the whole loan. Only half which was $3000. The way I see it, if he knew my qualifying amount then how could he not know the % rate? And wouldnt that just be a phone call? Wouldnt Bank of America tell you the interest rate for the loan you applied for even if they would only lend you half of what you asked for? To me this is a huge red flag but we were nieve. Thanks to this forum I am getting less nieve every day.(Except how to spell that word!:happy6: ) My problem is we trusted them. Being a former New Yorker I should have known better but there are times in your life when you WANT to trust people. Also times when you look at things with blinders, so to speak, because you want to see what you want to see and they seem more than willing to go along with you. My mother-in-law getting sick was a blessing in disguise because it wasnt till after we started over there that I started looking at these forums.

    I cant thank all you guys and gals enough.

    Leads to my original thought on this thread. I know a guy that has a T/T. Its from my former job as a residential houseing super and he was a subcontractor of mine. Its a lowboy trailer for payloader hualing. What if I got him to let me train and take the test in his truck? Im sure he would for a fee. Would I even be able to get a job without a trucking school of some kind?
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    Speaking solely from my own experiences, some jobs require a certificate from a school for insurance purposes, some jobs simply prefer it. However the first question I was asked for everyjob I went for was "What school did you go to?" followed by "Any felony convictions?". So it may not be a requirement for every job but it sure as hell helps to boost your resume a little when you have no OTR experience yet.
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    Technically, you don't need to go to a school to get your CDL. All you have to do is pass your DOT physical, take the physical card to the DMV, pass the driving and written test and you've got your CDL. However, as stated, most companies will shy away from hiring someone with no experience who wasn't trained at a school, and if they did hire you, you would probably have to start with a trainer. If you had a company that will hire you as long as you have a CDL, then having your friend 'train' you would work, but barring a guaranteed job, you'd probably be better off to go to a school.
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    I was in the same boat as you 6 months ago I rented a truck and took the test got my cdl.I went with Maverick transport because they would hire me based on my job history and background not on what School i went to.....Maverick will hire you is you have the cdl and put you in the truck with a trainer for 4-6 weeks, that time could be cut down if you have some previous experience with a flat bed or step deck........give me a shout if you have any questions.....wonderman
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