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Discussion in 'PAM' started by BigDfromTX, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. BigDfromTX

    BigDfromTX Light Load Member

    Dec 13, 2010
    I should've dropped the F-bomb on that fool, but oh well. The guy was real unprofessional, and I was too in return (totally ignorant to unemployment benefits).

    Therfore, much love to all my felons.
    I should've dropped the F-bomb.
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  3. neil66

    neil66 Bobtail Member

    Mar 10, 2011
    i'm still waiting on the call to start at pam i hope i dont have to go through that with them that sounds like it really sucks to be you
  4. BigDfromTX

    BigDfromTX Light Load Member

    Dec 13, 2010
    I see. well, my situation was very unique. I asked for a reward and ended up disqualified. I took an offer to be a trainer after 7mths + 6wks training, and then got audited and unnecessarily harassed. Went in with a flawless 4.5 years work record with a major retailer, & left with my first termination ever in only 9mths after signing the 1 year tuition contract. I opted to be a trainer within this 1 yr contract and tasted bitter rejection from PAM due to company policy violations and HOS(hours of service) rules.

    In any case, stick with PAM. I wanted my bosses to stay away from me as much as possible, and they did!, until the inevitable trainer request message that caused attention.

    If you know about that saying, it's like 'an eye for an eye', and 'a tooth for a tooth', so they were unwilling to forgive, so I gave them back their truck wih its leftover mileage.
  5. AfterShock

    AfterShock Road Train Member

    Sep 19, 2007
    Inland Empire, California
    "Left over mileage"? :biggrin_2552: :smt108:lol:
    Uhhhhh, ....... 'scuse me just a sec,
    D ....... be right with ya........
    There, ................. sorry, ........ but you're killin' me here.
    That one caught me off guard.
    I don't recall ever hearin' it put that way before, or readin' it
    among the numerous questions requiring an answer of some sort
    on a Vehicle Inspection Report FINAL EDITION, either.
    It caused me to laugh.
    It caused me to think
    That caused me to decide
    It fits.
    I like it.

    However, .................
    Somethin' I'm glad I don't have to think about that coulda happened, .........................
    ...... Had I been eatin' a meal, or drinkin' it, .. at the same time I was readin' what'cha wrote, I mighta got wrote up for makin' a mess out of the inside of my assigned little 'ol imaginary Big truck.

    And that's another thang, ....... dang-nabbitt.
    Vehicle inspection Reports.
    Especially the ones that require artistic abilities.
    Fortunately for me, everything I do is a Work-of-Art.
    It's twue!
    It's twue!

    So when it comes to indicatin' the location of the boo-boo's on the Big truck with 0's 'n X's, lines, arrows, ---
    stuff like that, I do pretty well.
    Writin' the stuff needin' fixin' in the Comments section could probably use some improvin', ...... but, so far, nobody has asked for further explanation of any of the many things needin' fixin', and I've been writin' the same thangs, and addin' to the list all the time for the last, ..................OH! WoW!
    Uhhhhhhh, .........
    Longer than I care to recall.
    Suffice to say it's been awhile.
    But nothin' got fixed in all that time.
    Closest I got to a mechanic was the portly dude with the bushy eyebrows who writes up service orders and keeps the soda and snack machines full, ...... and fills in cleanin' the outhouses when the guy who usually does that is on another binge. Could be out a day, ..... maybe a couple days, ---- nothin' like before he cut back though.
    Back in his prime, he'd tie one on with a knot that took 6, or 7, ..... even 8 or 9 days to shake loose.
    But, his daddy loves 'em, so as long as daddy owns the company,
    Wee Willy will have a job description.

    But, ..... I digress.

    So when the time to end the employer/employee relationship arrives, --- during the last few remainin' hours, you'd think handshakes, farewells, good lucks, pats-on-the-back, a couple on the buttox from a few of the office cuties confined to cubicles, with no window for a view.

    But, that ain't happenin'.

    At last, on the last day, during the last minutes of what I would soon be callin' my last gig, drivin' a Big rig, ----
    and lookin' for another, --- before I vacated the premises one last time, I saw the unseen. Not just one either.
    Or two.
    But three, in the flesh (under cover-alls with name tags), company approved Big truck truck mechanics. A trio lookin' for trouble, --- with clipboard in hand, pencil behind one ear, -- quickly accessible, -- all three wore holsters ridin' on their hip, and were well trained in the proper operation of that company issued equipment contained withinit.

    Let the inspection begin, .....................
    Those mechanics are all over the Bobtail with mileage remaining, lookin' at everythang up top. Suddenly, one makes a move for his holster and the other two instinctively do the same, --- holsters now empty, they're prepared to go under the shiny side, where it's dark and dirty. All three mechanics agree that the company providin' holsters to carry their flashlights around in, is probably gonna be deducted from their next few paychecks. But the three of 'em will admit that it's handy havin' it in a holster, and makes 'em feel more important, powerful, and commanding.
    And I'm at their mercy.
    I beg for mercy, ............. one of the mechanics hears my plea.
    Turns off his flashlight, but doesn't holster it.
    Motions for me to approach.
    I ask if it's safe to do so.
    He thought about it, .... and decided to come over to where I was, near the soda machine.

    He was talkin' before he got to me, but he made it known there was somthin' that needed to be cleared up right quick --- for my own good.
    He told me to have a seat, ..... but I declined, thankin' him for the offer, but none of the chairs would really go well with my other chairs.
    He slapped his forehead and mumbled what sounded like, "I don't think I can stand this."
    So, I grabbed a chair and told 'em I picked that one to have, and now I'm givin' it to him.

    He thanked me and, before he took it out to put in his car, he put his hand on my shoulder, gave me a concerned look, cleared his throat and told me how hard it is for him to be the one to tell me that it's useless to be beggin' them, or ANYone, for mercy.
    Mercy ain't even here or even around here.
    Mercy is in some other country somewhere.
    Besides that, he 'splained, Mercy is a river.
    "Where would you put it"?

    I was gonna suggest a good place with an easy fit and room left over, would be the vast expanses betwixt his ears. But, I figured it'd be better to remain silent and thought to be intelligent,
    than to open my mouth and prove it, ----
    Thereby removin' all doubt.

    Ever notice how Big truck truckin' companies expect their employees to be smarter than a fifth grader? Used to be a sixth grader, but the standards were lowered so Bob B. Bea (the company owner's 27 year old, goin' on 13, kid) could score high enough to be lowest in the peckin' order.
    Thing is, if they want us to be smart as a fifth grader, or smarter, if possible, why do they treat us like pre-schoolers when we're hired?

    Now, the mechanics who never fix stuff, are inspectin' an' detectin', ---- and I'm thinkin' I'm gonna be regretin', 'cause they're writin' all kinds of comments with additional details on the back of the report. Finally concluding that their findings indicate beyond a doubt that's unreasonable, that the driver of the Big truck just inspected, was derelict in his duties to properly maintain his assigned company Big truck, evidenced by the large number of serious defects that were apparently ignored by the former driver over the years.
    The mechanics were dumbfounded and at a loss to explain how a Big truck that records show was included in the sale of several hundred company Big trucks, all identical, still exists.

    That didn't concern 'em all that much though.
    Their main concern was wonderin' if I had beaten their system.
    I mean, ..... how they gonna 'splain withholding pay to cover the cost of repairin' all the damage that exists in/on a Big truck that doesn't? ---- which brings me to my observation.

    When a driver quits, and turns in the Big truck, the company goes over it with a fine toothed comb, lookin' for every last imperfection, blemish, scratch, ding, dent, ---- right down to the chrome, naked chick with pert nipples mud-flap weights. The idea of puttin' those babys on all the company Big trucks came from the Suggestion Box where employees are encouraged to submit their ideas freely, unaware that a professional consultant would be paid an amount that easily exceeds a year's pay for a company Big truck truck driver.

    If an employee figures out a way that the company can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, they'll be honored with a plaque engraved with their employee number, to be placed on the hull of the company owner's new, and much larger, yacht. The owner names all of his yachts after his high-maintenance young wife, Ima. Painted in Comic Sans font on the stern reads the name
    Sandy Eggo

    But what I wanted to mention, and the reason I begat this post, is this:
    Why don't mechanics fix stuff as soon as it's known that somethin' needs fixin', instead of lookin' for repairs that might need fixin' --- so they can bill the driver for causing the needed repairs that weren't there that they found anyway?
    Then fixed what they didn't find so it won't be found to need a fix
    Why and how day doo dat?

    I'm thinkin' it has somethin' to do with those flashlights.

    Ya reckon.

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  6. BigDfromTX

    BigDfromTX Light Load Member

    Dec 13, 2010
    Erase all of my posts and threads. I don't want my story in this stupid forum lilbit!
  7. BigDfromTX

    BigDfromTX Light Load Member

    Dec 13, 2010
    I have no enemies
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  8. adidaschica_02

    adidaschica_02 Bobtail Member

    Apr 12, 2011
    Howe, Oklahoma
    Yeah, Pam was the biggest mistake that my husband and I could of ever imagined. But alas it got us our class A.

    In regards to the trailers, I do not believe we ever pulled a straight trailer in the 8 months we were there. And one could forget about ever getting anything done in the Laredo shop.

    Hubby and I have two small children who understand that mom and dad have to work to be able to go to Sea World. That being said, my mother and grandmother watched them while we were on the road. In Oct 09 my grandmother passed away. Lucky enough we were in Tulsa, only 145 miles from my family. I called and told our dm, which we were based out of the N. Jackson yard, about the situation and that we needed time to take care of affairs. She says well how much time do you need? You have 2 days. Which were already our days off. Yes quite heartless. But aside from that we stayed home 2 more days to make sure my mom and girls were emotionally stable to be without us. We come back in the weekend of Halloween. After an inncodent with one of the "NEWER EQUIPTMENT" trailers, I was left temporally blinded and could not return to work for 4 weeks. So they sent hubby out. Which I will be upfront and say he is a diabetic. They, PAM, had him come back in after a week and have another A1C ran. Understandable. When they hired him his A1C was a 9. When he came in on this run and was tested he was a 7.4 and they placed him on a month medical leave. Which if one reads the PAM handbook it states that if a truck don't move they consider you not employed by them anymore. Catch 22. I was unable to drive due to my eye and their trailer, and he was unable to drive because THEY put him on medical.
    To make a long story longer.. jk, we now both have that we were terminated by the company on our DAC's. Hubby was able to drive for another company and I have had no luck finding a company that would allow me to drive with only 8 months experience and "violation of company policy" on my DAC.

    All in all Pam is a good company to start with but as soon as you can get far far away from them. Like I have read in so many other posts, The company is for themselves and the money, not the driver. Good Luck to all out there.
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  9. kid_cardiac

    kid_cardiac Medium Load Member

    Feb 24, 2008
    I can testify to North Jackson being heartless. I am, (well, was), a trainer. I signed up to become a trainer after three years with PAM and was accepted. After I was assigned a new truck, I ran solo for a week, adjusting from a automatic transmission to a manual, then took hometime for the weekend before picking up my first student.

    Student and I picked up a hot auto load from another driver that broke down near Ruther Glen, VA, going to Toledo, OH. We had driven from there to our fuel stop in Hagerstown, MD. Right after I pulled the brakes, I felt this immense pain in my chest and shortness of breath. I immediately called my DM, who told me to "park it and get to a hospital, now!" While I was doing this, I had my student call the North Jackson office (where the load was dispatched from), and put the call on speaker phone.

    The converstion went something like this, with me trying to talk:
    North Jackson office: "P.A.M. This is ****"
    Me: "THis is **** in truck *****"
    <pause, clicking on keyboard>
    North Jackson office: "When will you have that load in Toledo?"
    Me: "I'm having chest pains. We're parked in Hagerstown, MD. I'm going to the hospital to get checked out."
    North Jackson office: "OK. Whatever." <click>

    Absolutely no emotion or concern for the people who write their paychecks. At least my DM in Tontitown understood what was going on.

    After I got out of the hospital later that day (turns out I have a blood disorder) I got a phone call from North Jackson, saying that I wasn't cut out to be a trainer or even a driver.

    I now try to avoid dealing with North Jackson at all costs.
  10. Spacecoast

    Spacecoast Light Load Member

    Nov 15, 2008
    Palm Bay, Fl
    So, you still with PAM then? I thought about going through the whole training route with them but didn't think they hire out of our area. Just Orlando and North. Trying to get the financing to go to Sage.
  11. kid_cardiac

    kid_cardiac Medium Load Member

    Feb 24, 2008
    Yeah. Still with PAM. All of this happened within the last month. And the only reason I'm still there was because when I was hired, I lived in Indiana. But we do have freight. Most of the time, when I come off of hometime, I go to Jacksonville or Lakeland. One memorable time, I went to the sugar plant in Clewiston.
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