Do not work for knight transportation!!!

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  1. Tom_T

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    Jan 26, 2008
    Fort worth, Texas
    Knight really does not have thier act together, I worked for the refrigerated side, got a newer volvo. I had no Mechanical problems with the tractor just the trailers they sucked. On the financial side of things knight gets great reviews well run company etc..., but on the driver side, they don't have things together, and take advantage of you as a driver, they owe me a week's worth of pay when I asked about it they acted like I owed them. SO Knight will cheat you if they can. I worked for 4 other companies and never got cheated as bad as Knight got me.
  2. tracyq144

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    Feb 15, 2009
    18 years experience, been with Knight for over a year, they are no worse, and no better, than many other outfits I have been with. Different, maybe, but not better or worse.

    Trucking is a hard job, and always has been. A driver has one job-get the freight where it needs to be, on time and without damage. EVERY TIME! That being said, Knight has Qualcommed twice in that year to tell me to pull over because of bad weather! I never had another company tell me to do that!

    Now, it is true that they are a "mega" company, something like 3500 tractors. But you run out of one terminal, and have one dispatcher who you get to know, and who gets to know you. If you are a good driver (EVERY TIME!), you will soon get some slack on many things. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."

    So many complaints on this board are from obviously new drivers who expect everyone to play by the rules. It would be nice if it were so, but it is not, and never has been. Again, trucking is a HARD business, and the rewards go to those who get the job done, not those who play by the rules.

    I am on my third truck for Knight, and the one I have now is sweet. The first two had "issues", but I stuck with them until they were either fixed, or I got into another one. I had to #####, but I #####ed intelligently.

    I am sorry for your troubles, but I have been doing this a long time and even with a "bad company", the proper attitude and work ethic will take you a long way. Make money for the company, and they will take care of you. Don't like their way of doing things, go to a different company (which will have it's own set of problems), or start your own.

    I hope I don't sound harsh, but life is not always easy. And driving a truck is one of the least easy ways to make a living, but it has it's rewards-you just have to be able to see them.
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  3. Sad_Panda

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    Dec 2, 2006
    What was your truck number, because I want your old truck without the idle cut-off! And let me guess, it had 4 batteries and did 75mph too :biggrin_25515:

    So you guys from MN are the reason we are under DOT audit right now? Thanks.

    RUN BLOODY LEGAL. :biggrin_25516:

    PS Mine terminal told me the only way that we could stop for bad weather is if the DOT shut down the interstate, otherwise we would have to run no matter what, or be fired.

    Once again, this is the problem with Knight, each little terminal has it's own rules and regs.

    ####, there is no reason to play cowboy with slow freight and low miles, running a hot book is the reason Knight is threatening to play Werner and go paperless.
  4. frdr

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    Aug 25, 2007
    houston, tx.

    The definition of insanity is to keep trying the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.
  5. tracyq144

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    Feb 15, 2009
  6. Crenshaw

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    Jun 28, 2007
    Tucson, AZ
    I currently drive for the reefer side...trucks have bunk heaters...idle shuts off after 5 min so u press the clutch pedal twice on some trucks or tap the gas on others and they idle as long as u want...they will fix anything u ask for I have even had them replace the stereo in one trk because the cd player only worked part time. Any ter in the country will work on any trk...have had payroll make mistakes but they have always fixed the problem when it was brought to their attention. Make 30% more money than I did with Watkins and Shepard. They will pinch any penny they can and in my opinion will step over dollars to get nickels but they did post a profit during every 1/4 of 2008 and so far in 2009 and are debt free.
  7. dino6960

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    Jun 25, 2009
    well it seem to be at least the man dos keep track of his paper work still ahveing the load # and datres ???????must be something there
  8. Outinc

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    Mar 26, 2008
    Douglas, Az
    I've been driving for over 35 years. The whole industry has gone done the #######. Pay, benefits, and how drivers are treated has all gone down hill. I'm driving for knight now, been with them for a couple of years now. All companies have their problems and their weak points. I'll stay that Knight is still one of the better companies out there. They still care about their GOOD drivers. I agree with the other comment about watching the oil presure, if you wasted a motor for me you'd be fired on the spot. As far as layovers, ect. you need to get a P.O. number WHEN it happens and you WILL get paid. I have always been paid my layovers, dentention time, ect. Maybe you should be a writer and not a trucker.
  9. Sad_Panda

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    Dec 2, 2006
    My Qualcomm seems to break each time I send at layover request. I never get a po back.
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  10. RizenPhoenix

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    Oct 31, 2008
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    then use the .....


    If your DM can't get it done call your Division Manager, he's the one that has to approve layover pay anyway
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