Do you guys think it's worth staying hotshot these days?

Discussion in 'Expediter and Hot Shot Trucking Forum' started by crocky, Sep 25, 2021.

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    Yeah, it's kinda my thoughts on the matter as well. The emission trucks are quite simply a gamble even new ones. I mean even if you have a warranty if that truck is sitting in the shop for 3 weeks you're still paying all the other bills while making nothing. I read somewhere I don't know how true it is but I heard there is a crap load of Peterbilt trucks that are down because of some shortage for a def sensor.

    If I decide to go this route (I'm still up in the air) One of the thoughts I had was to just buy a daycab as a starter. Even though I run hotshots I watch the price on semis pretty often. I have a general idea of what I could expect to fin for X amount of money (although the chip this has raised prices a bit) Anyway on Facebook Marketplace I see lots of daycabs for under $10k. My thoughts were I could get a cheap daycab and run that for awhile (I mean I essentially ruin a day cab right now as hotshot so wouldn't be a big change as far as hotels and so on)

    Anyway, my thought is I could run the day cab without financing anything and without having to buy a $50k truck to test the waters and just rent a trailer. The other thing is I can still haul cars with a daycab if I needed to.

    I mean not that I'd buy this truck but I see stuff like this all the time on FB marketplace. I mean $7,5k for a semi that has a little body damage but you could run the hell out of that truck as a starter.


    Obviously I'd rather get a sleeper but hell buying a truck that cheap it would be a good starter truck then when you upgrade park it out back and keep it as a backup if the next truck breaks. Hell I bet it probably has enough room to put a 36" sleeper on it..

    I actually like the older 98-00 vovlos with the smaller flattop sleeper that they did because they often had D60's in them. The problem is everyone else is liking them too nowadays and the prices are going up. They used to be a dime a dozen but you can still find the day cabs dirt cheap.
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    Hold on for the ride. If anyone can not see what is coming might as well be driving blind.
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    It is for mine and a lot of other’s

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