Does FedEx or UPS hire felons?

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    Such a low opinion of your fellow driver, so let me break the mold. I'm 44, since I was 10 yrs old I always wanted to be either a cop or a truck driver (talk about polar opposites). IN '92 I acuirred a class 5 federal felony, so much for being a cop. I put myself through truck driving school by borrowing money from family. Never went OTR first, hopped between 3 local companies before I found the company I've been with for 15 yrs. My company had no problem hiring me with a felony, in fact at the time I had two co-workers with felonies also. We haul intermodal, we are bonded, though not customs bonded. That is where the problem comes in, getting a customs bond is a bit of a problem. We also haul some military and US Gov. loads without issue. In the last 15 yrs, it's only been an issue twice, once when two trailers were stolen from our yard (the three of us were cleared almost immediately) and then 3 yrs ago when I drove a truck for the Air Force from Colorado to Florida. We disclosed my background to the broker on the load, he advised his client, they ran a back ground check and cleared me for the load.

    This BS attitude of so many judgemental jackwads on here and in the trucking community that someone with a felony is unfit to drive really needs to change. I see so many variations of Jabba the Hut driving trucks, maybe we should be more worried about them than about someone with a felony in their past trying to get their lives together. There is one local company that refuses to hire anyone with a felony, they have 30 drivers, 1/2 of which are at least 100 lbs overweight, in the last 6 months they've had two of these whales drop dead behind the wheel from heart attacks.
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    nooooo doubt
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    hhhhmmm...enough said
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    Nov 15, 2012
    Is that 5 years at FedEx as well?
  5. Jadera

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    Nov 15, 2012
    Is that 5 years at FedEx as well?
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    As a general rule most compnies won't hire felons till 7 to 10 years have gone by. Violent
    felons may as well hang it up in trucking. Lots of smaller local ag and chemical companies
    will hire sooner. I worked for one a few years back and the felons were hard working men.
    I am not a felon but Ik needed work fast. Never hbad a problem with anyone there.
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    Dec 18, 2008
    I know some drivers that's been refused from companies like swift, Crete, Schneider, prime and landed a job with a high dollar ltl outfit with a past offense
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    Why not ask them??:biggrin_2556:
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    that is the stereotype, it fits in some instances but alot of companies make it extremely hard for people with convictions of any sort let alone felons to hire-on.. personally i dont fit the stereotype, at all. trucking can be extremely rewarding, you can make 50-60k within a few yrs whereas someone who has a bachelors or masters degree (4-6 yrs in college) and has 100k+ in student loans is making 15$ an hr.(at the start)
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    I know FedEx ground won't hire you with a felony and misdemeanors need to be 10 years old. I doubt UPS will either. They have so many people applying that they probably don't need to worry about giving someone with a felony a chance. YRC might. When they hired me, I was in pretty quick with no question asked. I'm always asked about 2 jobs I had that went out of business. Maybe it's because I worked for Yellow in 2007. I might still be in their computers from then. They seem to be one of the easier ltl companies to get on with, when they have the need for drivers.
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