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Discussion in 'US Xpress' started by Hometime, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. sbatson

    sbatson Light Load Member

    Feb 14, 2008
    Ft Worth, Texas
    Ok I see this ad for a driver for the dedicated family dollar out of Marianna,Fl so I call US Express she looked up my app. and said she would give it to a recruiter and someone would call me within the hour ( this is on Monday) well no call so I call today and she tells me that I was denied because I had a accident 2 1/2 years ago( nothing major $100 ticket and was in my personal) and they couldnt hire me and I cant apply for 3 years, now does that sound right? It sounds a little crazy to me.
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  3. poppysophiedog

    poppysophiedog Bobtail Member

    Jan 5, 2007
    Hello Teaforone enjoyed your post about $ general Ive been invited to oreintation on 10/19/09 Iam 57 years old average shape Iam just concered weather I can physically handle the work load? I ran parts as a team for Averitt using the rolling cages and a lift gate that held 2 cages at a time. Left Jax, Fl. # 6:00 pm got back to Jax @11:00am. Freight is little or none in Fl. now and this is the only thing Ive been able to find. My recruiter hasnt told me to much such as pay etc. Maybe you can enlighten me on the matter? Thanks in advance.
  4. Teaforone

    Teaforone Light Load Member

    Nov 16, 2008
    In the Sandhills, NC
    As far as I know everything is still the same. I know that there were a couple guys who were in their fifties when I was at Dollar General. I won't lie to you, it is a kind of tough job. I think the worst part was not the unloading, but the trying to find time to get some good sleep. You have to be at the stores at 6 am, usually deliver to 3 or 4, and make it back to the terminal that night so you can get your load assignment for the next day. Sometimes you may have a backhaul, but those aren't very common.

    Basically on pay, you will not be paid the same cents-per-mile as a regular OTR driver for USX would be. However, you are paid a certain amount for each stop. Just try it out, if you feel it isn't for you just talk to your Driver Manager and he can put you regular OTR.
  5. ace 98

    ace 98 Bobtail Member

    Jun 12, 2007
    I trained and worked this account for Werner. I live in Dallas but was running out of Ardmore Ok and I was mostly delivering in central and south Tx. I was able to deliver and make it back to the house about every other night. Then i would be preassigned the next morning and all I would do is pick up the loaded trailer, make it to my first stop and park for the night. My biggest problem was the store managers would not be on time and sometime would cause me to be several hours late.

    With that being said, I was way out of shape before I started on DG but lost alot of weight doing it. Since then I been running net-ops and being home every night and no labor involved, I am out of shape again. I did lose ALOT of sleep on DG but I got used to it.

    I think the only way I could go back to it is if I became a trainer. My trainer made ALOT of money off of me and got plenty of sleep. I did most all of the driving and even helped with the unloading. But the unloading was my choice because I wanted see what I was getting into. DG is good steady work if you have the right dispatcher, and I know I did have it better than some other drivers that I knew. Werner and USX propbaly dispatch differently so that will make differnece but good luck to anyone on this account. I probably will do it again one day myself.
  6. Lildeno

    Lildeno Bobtail Member

    Jan 12, 2010
    I live in NC an i was worndering if any current US Xpress drivers on the dollar general account could tell me what my hometime would be on the account,an what states i would be running,what the miles are looking like right now,an wht is the pay per mile i have 3 years exp.
  7. Butterdog

    Butterdog Bobtail Member

    Jun 12, 2009
    South Bend, Indiana

    Are there any current drivers for the Dollar Tree account out of Joliet IL that could give me some insight into what that dedicated account entails?

    I've heard what the recruiter had to say but I would love to hear the REAL story from a driver.


  8. beacon

    beacon Bobtail Member

    Apr 5, 2011
    For those interested,

    I am currently working this account with USXpress.

    Unfortunately I cannot reccomend this to anyone.

    It is basically your good old cut throat type of job that does not pay well
    for what you actually do. You only get paid $50 to hand unload an entire
    trailer. Unless you are in the click you do not get good miles. Basically all of the equipment is junk. The trailers are poorly maintained, the rolltainers are falling apart. The loads get out late all the time which forces you to drive all night in order to get to the store you are going to on time and then you get to look forward to unloading during the day.

    With the Dollar General business picking up lately, the weight in these rolltainers now is rediculous. I have seen some over 1500 pounds. And remember that you may be pushing these uphill. The people at the Zanesville OH DC that load these trucks must be being pushed like a slave shop because nobody in their right mind would load trucks the way they do. Apparently USXpress will not say anything to Dollar General about any of this despite many many injuries to their drivers.

    They have also added picking up cardboard at each stop. This means when you get to your next stop you have to unload the cardboard before you can start unloading that stop. And it repeats itself like that at each stop. Basically you are unloading an entire trailer and then loading it back
    up everyday for $50. When they added picking up the cardboard they never paid us to do so.

    Now with the CSA stuff starting, the bad equipment like trailers is even more of a nightmare as you never know when you may be pulled over by the DOT and inspected. And they love pulling over Dollar General trailers.
    Anything wrong and this can go on your driving record.

    Many of these stores are hard to get into and you better know how to back up in tight areas in the dark. The lots many times at the stores are bad and in the winter may not be cleaned. Remember that you have to move these 1500 pound rolltainers on these lots.

    I can honestly say that I cannot think of any reason to reccomend this job to anyone other than possibly getting home for 34 hours on the weekend if your lucky.

    The sad part is that all of these problems can be fixed and this could be a good job. However it does not seem that they care about that or what you have to do. Its the all mighty dollar that matters it seems.
  9. PabloDeOjinaga

    PabloDeOjinaga Light Load Member

    Mar 18, 2011
    Ojinaga, Chihuahua
    I do not think it is a desirable situation. I know guys who have quit their company for all the downtime associated with that gig. More power to you if you enjoy the situation and the dispatchers rely on you and reward you. The dream is drop and hook.
  10. NoCoCraig

    NoCoCraig Road Train Member

    Nov 7, 2010
    Chattanooga, Tennessee
    The fact is, the competition is fierce among the trucking companies for these accounts. That is why the unload pay is so low, there are only so many places to squeeze the costs. I was trained on the Family Dollar account and my trainer made good money due to the training pay he received. Between the two, he makes about $75,000 a year and someone else does most of the driving and he gets help with the unloading. It is a pretty good gig for him and he is home every week. I actually enjoyed the unloading. After sitting on your butt so much, the light aerobic exercise was very welcome. Just like it takes a different mindset to be a flatbedder, you have to be the right person to be happy on one of these retail dedicated accounts.
  11. blazer1

    blazer1 Light Load Member

    Sep 5, 2010
    so. jersey
    I was watching a guy unload at a dollar general, he was unloading in the alley behind the store, no lift gate, he was using an "S" shaped set of rollers that ran from the back of the trailer into the store. The rollers were laying flat on the trailer floor so for each box he had to bend all the way down to place on the rollers. My back was hurting just watching him. There were dumpsters placed hap-hazardly all over the alley and I was wondering how he got his truck in there and how he was going to leave.
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