Don't work for Werner Enterprises

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  1. JeriMT

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    Nov 26, 2010
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Don't work for Werner. Not as an experienced driver, or as a student. I don't understand why people stay. They say that all companies are the same. Really, that's just not true. All companies have problems. There will always be something, or things you don't like about them. But, they aren't all the same. I have worked for 5 companies. Werner recruiters were the ONLY recruiters to lie to me. They didn't lie to me just about a thing or two. They lied to me about absolutely everything from pay and benefits to home time, to how their pet policy works. They are also the lowest paying company out there. Andrus is a close second. They aren't just the lowest by 1/2 a cent, they are the lowest BY FAR. They treat their drivers the worst. They believe us to all be uneducated, ignorant morons and think they can say things to us that are so stupid, and we'll just buy it. It's sad. They inadvertantly threw away all my stuff. I was in a truck while my truck was being fixed. (Even though they allow dogs, if you have one and your truck is broken, they simply won't pay for a hotel for you) So, I got tired of being in the filthy, porn infested truck they put me in after 3 days and decided that I would get a hotel. I left my stuff in the loaner truck, took the keys with me, and went to the hotel. When I got back, they had cleaned the loaner truck out, throwing all my stuff away. Somebody forgot to put me in the system as being an occupant of that truck. It was all my bedding, dvd player, 10 dvds, and inverter box, etc...they acted as if I accidentally left my stuff in there, and they had no responsibility for this happening. THEN I got mad, told them I was done and to just get me home. Then they agreed to give me 300 dollars for my stuff. I said good. But, I still wanted to quit. Too many lies, too much ripping off, just I was done. So, It took them 2 weeks to get me to Southern cal from Indianapolis. I didn't get my 300. When I called and asked the idiot dispatcher why, he said "Do you really think we're going to pay you to quit?" That is what he actually said.
    Also, with 2 years Verifiable experience, my pay was 27 cpm. AND I was told that our fleet was the highest paying fleet in the company. (Probably a lie). They pay the lowest for layover, they don't pay parking at all. They will take as much from you as they can, and give as little as they can. I know all companies do that, but they don't all do it in underhanded ways. By the way. WATCH YOUR PAYCHECKS. They will not pay you for all trips and hope you're not paying attention.
    Yes, all companies have bad things. Getting and staying home for your time off is often a fight, you have to wait a long time for benefits, you get stuck in a region far from home that you hate being in. However, most are at least somewhat competitive with compensation. All companies are NOT the same. STAY AWAY FROM WERNER!!! I personally would like to see them either go out of business, or change. Good luck!
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    5 companies in 5 years?...If the other recruiters at the other 4 companies didn't lie, why did you leave them to go to the "lowest paying"(your words) company out there?...Were they the only one to take you or what?...
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    Mar 20, 2010
    That's what I was thinking too. If the other 4 companies were truthful then why did u leave any of them??? I feel there is some missing info here.
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    guess the person has never heard Tim Norlan head bullshi@@er from Marten lie his ### off when he is on the Dave Nemo Show, saying Marten drivers dont go into Walgreens, or that once the drivers are paid for something, that money cannot be taken away. And that happened to a friend of mine concerning detention.
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    Feb 24, 2008
    And since when did this become a news flash?
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  6. walstib

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    I just remembered something that happened in CDL school...A Werner rep came in and pitched us, a student who was planning on quitting(couldn't pass physical with half a hand, bad legs and mental issues(this one is my diagnosis) recorded the presentation(why, I don't know, but he did), at the end he asked the pitchman if he could hold him to what he said, pitchman says of course, student then whips out the recorder and tells him that he recorded the pitch...Pitchman went off!...Draw your own conclusions....
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    Why did you leave your stuff in a loaner trk.??

    Sure you went to a motel, why not take your stuff.
    If they did not know it was your stuff then it's fair game to throw it out or keep for themselves.
    Not their fault, but yours..

    Why should they pay you to quit?

    You wanna go home, then find your own way home on your dime...

  8. Irondog

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    Dec 18, 2008
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    ...and what is a..."PORN INFESTED TRUCK"? Are you saying that you couldn't eradicate the pesky stuff? I'm a little confused on this.
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    Sep 6, 2008
    5 years and you just NOW discover that they pay the least? Were have you been, hiding under a rock?

    And 4 companies in 4 years looks real good on you.

    Now, tell us the rest of the story or are you a one post wonder?
  10. Dryver

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    Nov 30, 2008
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    Even a small amount of research on your part would have saved you from all this. You accepted 29c per mile with 2 years experience, why?

    "They believe us to all be uneducated, ignorant" In this case you were, so where are you driving now?
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