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Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by delilah, May 8, 2009.

  1. delilah

    delilah Bobtail Member

    May 8, 2009
    Paragould Ar
    We ran as company drivers for this outfit,for a year.Then they told us they were going to all O/O or lease drivers.We signed a lease with them. biggest mistake we could've made.We just about went under.We were paying for everything.Shoot a few times instead of a check we got a bill.We had 4000 in escrow and they kept it all.Claiming bogus repairs and tire wear.Just beware of them.they should call it a lease purchase scam,because that is exactly what it is.
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  3. sgreer78

    sgreer78 Light Load Member

    Jul 26, 2008
    St Louis, MO
    I would never drive even as a company driver for a company that can't bother to use spell check in their ads. Ever seen them? You ams cans drive a 2002 Century Classic, ors a 2003 Columbian!!
  4. fired up trucker

    fired up trucker Light Load Member

    Apr 23, 2009
    First rule is, when they give you that option from a company driver to a lease or owner operator switch, RUN!!!!!! Not one driver has PROVED to me about any lease plan to make a living. Owner operator? also a joke, been at it a long time. Those outfits won't let you win, that's how they make their money with very little liability. Greed is the word nowadays. Still surviving ok but profits have been down and don't see anything to be happy about the future. Equipment is paid for and not having any plans on updating or purchasing any either. Stay debt free and u will survive.
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  5. Pur48Ted

    Pur48Ted Road Train Member

    Jun 14, 2006
    Grand Rapids, MI
    I don't know why you didnt pull YOUR truck and lease it somewhere else when you weren't making money.
    And the answer is NO, they cannot FORCE you to lease on with THEM long as you are making payments.
    I also don't know why you didn't file suit against them for scamming you out of the $4K at minimum.
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  6. otherhalftw

    otherhalftw Insignificant Otter

    Nov 18, 2008 discovery foothills
    They do, especially if you sign a "no down" lease with them financing the truck then tieing it to their dispatch loads. They also catch with the term "no down", when they actually mean 'no money up front' they will take 100-200 a week towards the down payment, and then turn around and call it a security deposit.

    For any reading this beware; the IRS considers someone an "Independant Contractor" when they have an option available to them, to work (pull loads for) any other party. The comnpanies get away with it by controlling the base plates and equipment of their ownership. Also the insurance thru their carrier. In order to be an "Independant Contractor" you must have control of your equipment, authority, insurance, and sources of dispatch. If you are not in this class group, the company you are leased onto, are required to deduct and participate (pay the employers half) of Social Security tax.

    Currently, along with all their other problems, (law suits pending) Swift is being named along with Central Refrigerated, England, Gordon, and several others, in a suit by the CA Attorney General, in regards to unemployment, SSN, Workers Comp fees and taxes not paid to the State. Along with this the Feds are watching for the outcome, if CA wins...the same will happen at the federal level...along with this, if CA wins, then the drivers are due refunds from Swift for various deductions incurred when they were leased to exclusively one company.
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  7. marieewan

    marieewan Bobtail Member

    Aug 28, 2010
    owasso, OK
    If you know of anyone who has had a lease with Dot Line, bought/leased a truck through Cal-Cleve, C and C sales and leasing or any company associated with the afore mentioned companies please email me through this board, i need you truck number as well as any information you have. Especially if you had a negative settlement that was put negative due to repairs or fuel tax. We also need the dates you were there, why you left, and all information you may have.
    Thank you
  8. Giggles the Original

    Giggles the Original Road Train Member

    we drove for them too....and our 1st truck the motor they gave us another truck...with the bumper creased....begged them to switch out bumpers with our old truck...they wouldnt do it...when we quit THEY CHARGED US FOR THIS far as to put it on our credit and go after us with a collection agency FOR SOMETHING WE NEVER DID!!!!!!! STAY AWAYYYYYY
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  9. SheepDog

    SheepDog Road Train Member

    Nov 30, 2008
    Sand Lake, MI
    So, would it be better to just go to them with your own truck? I like thier lanes, that is what i am looking for. I plan on starting with Quest but they don't have O/O's Dot-line does.

  10. Truckin Squid

    Truckin Squid Bobtail Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    Buffalo,New York
    These are true words of wisdom.One must be crazy to buy a truck or lease one now with the bad economy.If you are lucky to have a truck that is paid for,remember if you take care of your truck it will take care of you,oil is cheaper than parts.:biggrin_25525:
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  11. mrg123mg

    mrg123mg Bobtail Member

    Dec 1, 2011
    sapulpa ok
    My wife and I also work for them it was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. They lie to timeu any time they can do not work for them you will be sorry you did.
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